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The Story So Far...The Best Of Def Leppard - All Songs

2018 - studio compilation album

A listing of all songs included on the various versions of the 2018 compilation.

The Story So Far...The Best Of Def Leppard 2018.

The Story So Far...The Best Of Def Leppard - main album

Songs - 17

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01 Animal Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 4:04
02 Photograph Clark/Willis/Savage/Elliott/Lange Album Track/Single 4:07
03 Pour Some Sugar On Me Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 4:26
04 Love Bites Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 5:47
05 Let's Get Rocked Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 4:56
06 Armageddon It Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 5:22
07 Foolin' Clark/Lange/Elliott Album Track/Single 4:33
08 Two Steps Behind Joe Elliott Album Track/Single 4:17
09 Heaven Is Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 3:33
10 Rocket (Visualize Video Edit) Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 6:36
11 Hysteria Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 5:56
12 Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad Collen/Elliott/Lange Album Track/Single 5:20
13 Make Love Like A Man Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange Album Track/Single 3:13
14 Action Scott/Connolly/Priest/Tucker Album Track/Single 3:40
15 When Love & Hate Collide Elliott/Savage Album Track/Single 4:16
16 Rock Of Ages Clark/Lange/Elliott Album Track/Single 4:07
17 Personal Jesus (Remix) Martin L. Gore Album Track/Single 3:52

The Story So Far...The Best Of Def Leppard 2018.

The Story So Far...The Best Of Def Leppard - other versions

Songs - 19

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01 Let's Go Savage/Elliott Album Track/Single 5:01
02 Promises Collen/Lange Album Track/Single 3:59
03 Slang Collen/Elliott Album Track/Single 2:37
04 Bringin' On The Heartbreak Clark/Willis/Elliott Album Track/Single 4:34
05 Rock On (Radio Remix) David Essex Album Track/Single 2:36
06 Nine Lives (feat. Tim McGraw) Collen/Elliott/McGraw/Savage Album Track/Single 3:32
07 Work It Out Vivian Campbell Album Track/Single 4:48
08 Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange Album Track/Single 4:31
09 Dangerous Collen/Elliott Album Track/Single 3:26
10 Now Fredericksen/Collen/Elliott/Campbell/Savage/Allen Album Track/Single 3:58
11 Undefeated Joe Elliott Album Track/Single 4:40
12 Tonight Clark/Collen/Elliott/Lange/Savage Album Track/Single 4:03
13 C'mon C'mon Rick Savage Album Track/Single 4:09
14 Man Enough Collen/Elliott Album Track/Single 3:54
15 No Matter What Pete Ham Album Track/Single 2:54
16 All I Want Is Everything Joe Elliott Album Track/Single 5:19
17 It's All About Believin' Phil Collen/Jeffrey 'C.J.' Vanston Album Track/Single 4:22
18 Kings Of The World Rick Savage Album Track 6:12
19 We All Need Christmas Rick Savage Vinyl Bonus Track/Single 3:57

All songs and videos included over the various versions of the 'The Story So Far The Best Of' album.

Tracks 1 to 18 are featured on the second disc of the deluxe version of the album with 9 songs never previously included on a compilation or greatest hits release.

'We All Need Christmas' is only included on the bonus seven inch disc included with the double LP vinyl version alongside the remix of 'Personal Jesus'.

Both songs are also available as digital downloads. The first new music released since the October 2015 self-titled studio album.

View all of the individual versions of the album.


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