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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Hysteria (1987)

Hysteria 1987.

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Single Notes By dltourhistory

The third UK single from 'Hysteria' was released in November 1987. The title track 'Hysteria' was the first ballad released from the album and a major hit around the world. It reached number 26 in the UK and 10 in the US in early 1988.

Up to seven different official single formats were released in the UK. Two CD singles were released with the same tracklisting in card sleeves. The first version had the sleeve slot on the right side, "C.D. Single" written at the top of the front sleeve, plain white back sleeve with the tracklisting in red and info in black. On the CD the info was all written in red and the song titles in yellow. The word "Hysteria" on the front was surrounded in grey.

For the Limited CD version the top of the sleeve had "Limited Edition C.D. Single" on the right with the version number printed to the left. The slot to fit the CD in was at the top of the sleeve. The back sleeve was the same as the 7/12" singles with the tracklisting surrounding the five live band pictures. On the CD the song titles were in red and the information around it in yellow. The word "Hysteria" on the front was surrounded in red, as it is on the 7/12" sleeves.

A UK 7" came with a free Hysteria album sleeve patch. In Canada a poster bag 7" was released featuring a promo pic and Lep logo on either side. A UK Collector's Edition 12" came in a card box sleeve with the regular 12" inside and a 30" x 40" colour poster. One side has five live pictures on a white background + Lep logo, similar to the regular back sleeve but different shots from the 1987 UK Tour. The other side has the UK discography up to this single. The single included a re-recording of an old E.P. track and 'I Wanna Be Your Hero' was used on the CD as the PSSOM UK release was only issued on vinyl. The song had been the B-Side to that on vinyl only. The first live song to be released from the Tilburg show was also included.

Various promo 7" singles included a 4:44 edit version which fades out after Joe sings "Say You Will". It also has some of the guitar section edited out.

Ride Into The Sun Sleeve Message

"This is a song that appeared on our first E.P. We re wrote and re recorded it in the summer of the difference."

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