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 The Spitz, Old Spitalfields Market, London, ENGLAND  England.

Tuesday, 27th September 2005  | 

Show Notes

An intimate debut show for the band and Launch Party for the first single 'Skin Crawl'. Phil Collen's first show as a lead vocalist. The venue was located inside the Spitz Gallery which is next to the market. Located in East London not too far from where Phil was born in Hackney. Guests attending included photographers Ross Halfin/Hayley Madden and Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols bassist).

One of the setlists on stage had a cover of Iggy Pop's "Cold Metal" listed as a possible encore, which they did not play. You can download 'Fire' from this show via the band's official website. Song keys show on left as indicated on Phil's printed setlist.

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  • 10 - Cold Metal - A (Not Played)

  • Tour - Skin Crawl Release Party
  • Fan Recorded - none yet
  • Venue Website - Here
  • Area Map - Google
  • Last Played City - n/a
  • Capacity - 200
  • Attendance - 200
  • Support Act - n/a