Monday, 22nd February 2021
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JOE ELLIOTT Songs From The Vault 18th February 2021 Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2019. Joe Elliott 2021

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his monthly radio show Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM.

This month's show included songs by Slade, Yes and Down 'n' Outz.

This edition was first broadcast on Thursday 18th February.

Joe began this show on 19th April 2018 and it is broadcast once a month.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available on the SiriusXM website for around one week after broadcast.

Joe Elliott Songs From The Vault - 18th February 2021 Playlist

  • 01 - Sparks - Amateur Hour
  • 02 - Slade - Take Me Bak 'Ome
  • 03 - Cheap Trick - When The Lights Are Out
  • 04 - Roxy Music - Virginia Plain
  • 05 - King Crimson - The Court Of The Crimson King
  • 06 - Down 'n' Outz - The Journey
  • 07 - Doctors Of Madness - Dark Times
  • 08 - Runaways - Cherry Bomb
  • 09 - New York Dolls - Trash
  • 10 - Yes - The Calling
  • 11 - Atomic Rooster - Devil's Answer
  • 12 - E.L.O - Poker
Joe Elliott 2019. By dltourhistory

Voice Over Intro

"His career is celebrated with Induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as lead singer for Def Leppard. Joe Elliott. Now he's sharing his passion for deep classic rock with stories and music from his personal collection. Welcome to Joe Elliott's Songs From The Vault on Deep Tracks."

Show Intro

"Greetings my fellow music lovers and welcome once again to Songs From The Vault. Right here on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks. I'm Joe Elliott and for the next little while I'm gonna be taking you on a personal trip through my very own music collection. .Some songs that have inspired me over the years. Some songs that have just purely entertained me over the years. And a bunch of songs that are just so cool you can't deny them. Like this one by Sparks."


"And before that Sparks who have just had a documentary called The Sparks Brothers. Long overdue in my opinion. They're so talented. I wish I had of been in the documentary. I'm such a fan. Russell did actually contact me. Russell Mael said please be in our documentary. We just couldn't get it together to get together. Them being in LA. Me being in Dublin. The film makers being in London. It just didn't happen but I'm really looking forward to seeing it. And I was really looking forward to hearing the song that we just heard. A song that really turned me on to that band when I was about 12 years old. It came out I believe in 1974. The album, their third album, and their first for Island Records. But their third album Kimono My House. The song huge hit in the UK once again. The song Amateur Hour."


"That band were so Slade were so big in the UK between 1971 and 1974 they were often compared to The Beatles in their popularity. Yet they never really got a foothold in America. And a had a minor hit you might call in 1983, but we're talking about a band that really started off in 1966. Started having hits in the UK in 1971. They are Slade. Best known in America for Run Runaway or the fact that they were covered by Quiet Riot. Who did I think it was Cum On Feel The Noize and Mama Weer All Krazee Now. But there from their greatest hits album called Feel The Noise is Slade withTake Me Bak 'Ome. A huge hit in the UK back in 1972 I believe it was."

Cheap Trick

"You are listening to Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks. I'm Joe Elliott. And having just heard Slade here's one of my favourite bands of all time covering an old Slade B-Side. This is Cheap Trick."

"And before that we heard the most brilliant Cheap Trick from their 2008 album The Latest. Which is one of the best albums ever made in my humble opinion. Their cover of an old Slade B-Side When The Lights Are Out."

Roxy Music

"The song that broke the band in the UK. And actually covered recently by my side project the Down 'n' Outz. We recorded it specifically and exclusively for Record Store Day 2020. It is Roxy Music there from their debut album these days but it was a standalone single at the time in 1972. Song Virginia Plain."

King Crimson

"You are listening to Joe Elliott's Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks. And now we're gonna get a little proggy with King Crimson."

"And before that we heard King Crimson. Featuring the amazing Robert Fripp. Whose been recently seen on YouTube with his missus Toyah Wilcox doing these Sunday lunch time broadcasts of, a very perky looking Toyah Wilcox, and Robert Fripp covering all sorts of stuff from Nirvana to Joan Jett. Check them out on YouTube. Well worth a watch. What we just heard there is from King Crimson's debut album In The The Court Of The Crimson King. Sort of title track The Court Of The Crimson King."

Down 'n' Outz

"Before that we heard the Down 'n' Outz who I just mentioned earlier covered the Roxy Music song. That's from the 2014 album The Further Adventures Of the Down 'n' Outz. Where we were still concentrating mostly on the music of the British Lions. Or Ian Hunter and Mott The Hoople. The song that we heard actually a Mott The Hoople track from 1972. A brilliantly written composition by Mr. Ian Hunter featured on their Brain Capers album originally. The song is The Journey."

Voice Over

"This is Joe Elliott's Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks."

Doctors Of Madness

"Now folks if you were paying attention to the lyrics on that last song you'd be well forgiven for thinking that it was recently written about maybe the pandemic, or the lead up to the US election, or even last year's riots. You'd be wrong because that song is over two years old. So the guy obviously had a bit of a crystal ball. The guy being Richard Strange. Or best known to his mates as Kid Strange. Leader of the band Doctors Of Madness. It's their title track of their first album in over 30 years. The song is Dark Times."


"I'm Joe Elliott. This is Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks. So after all that progressive hardcore, let's have a little light entertainment shall we. This is the Runaways."

"And before that the Runaways. Again from their debut album back in 1976 this time. The song Cherry Bomb."

New York Dolls

"I gotta say I'm over the moon at the fact that the New York Dolls have been nominated for this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Alongside once again Todd Rundgren who produced their first album. Let's hope that they both get in. Todd really deserves it. So do the Dolls. It's such a sad thing though that the Dolls have been nominated just a few weeks after the passing of their rhythm guitar played Sylvain Slyvain. Leaving the only surviving member David Johannsson. Who may or may not turn up for the ceremony. Either way I'm so glad that they've got nominated. There from their debut album back in 1973. As I said produced by one Mr. Todd Rundgren. We just heard the New York Dolls with Trash."


"You're listening to Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Track. I'm Joe Elliott and this is Yes."

"And before that they were prog I suppose when they started out. But they had hit singles from the '80s onwards. They were Yes and from their album Talk. And it's a great song. It's one of those songs that kind of went under the radar a bit. It is The Calling."

Atomic Rooster

"Another band from my youth that really didn't get a foothold in the American market whatsoever. They are Atomic Rooster. Best known for the fact that Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake And Palmer was once their drummer. And Vince Crane the leader of the band was actually part of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. That song was actually a hit single in the UK. Prog pop. Who'd have thought. It is as I say Atomic Rooster. The song Devil's Answer."

Show Outro

"You have been listening to Joe Elliott's Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks. And that my friends for this particular show is about it."

"Been a pleasure as always. I'll be back with you next time with more of the same only just a little bit different. Until then I'll leave you with this. Great bit of work from E.L.O. The leader of that band Mr. Jeff Lynne. What a talent. This is from the album Face The Music. The song Poker."

"Until next time. Stay safe, wear a mask, wear a condom, just don't get 'em mixed up".

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