Sunday, 9th October 2022
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The JOE ELLIOTT Show 8th October 2022 Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2022. The Joe Elliott Show

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his weekly radio show on 8th October on Planet Rock.

This week's show included songs by The Psychedelic Furs, Split Enz and The Cars.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available until next Saturday using the On Demand feature. It is also repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The Joe Elliott Show - 8th October 2022 Playlist

  • 01 - Punishment Of Luxury - Puppet Life
  • 02 - Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet
  • 03 - The Psychedelic Furs - Dumb Waiters
  • 04 - Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
  • 05 - The Pretenders - Birds Of Paradise
  • 06 - Split Enz - Stranger Than Fiction
  • 07 - Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light
  • 08 - The Cars - Moving In Stereo
  • 09 - The Tubes - TV Is King

Show Intro

"Evening all and welcome once again to The Joe Elliott Show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. Coming to you once again all the way from California in the good old USA. I'm still here doing tidy up work after the tour and setting up some stuff for the future. That will come to light pretty soon. Now tonight's 60 minutes worth of, in my humble opinion wonderful music, is a little more New Wave than normal. Still great, still full of guitars. And we're gonna start the show off with one of the most incredible, crazy and eccentric tunes in my record collection. This is Punishment Of Luxury"

Punishment Of Luxury

"Ever since I first heard that song at The Limit club in Sheffield back in the early 80s I think it was. It's been entwined in my DNA and it will remain there until I am no longer here. Wonderful stuff from Punishment Of Luxury. It is the title track of their complete recordings box set. Puppet Life."

Only Ones

"Now here's one that snuck into the charts in the late 70s and it was not exactly Punk but certainly New Wave-ish. This is the Only Ones."

"And before that we heard the Only Ones with their solitary hit single. But what a single it is. Another Girl, Another Planet."

The Psychedelic Furs

"Always loved that band but I never got to see them live until about 5 years ago. And they were absolutely magnificent. They played a little club in Dublin that was absolutely jammed to the rafters. They were fantastic on the night. They are The Psychedelic Furs from the album Talk Talk Talk we heard Dumb Waiters."

Killing Joke

"Now coming out of the UK in the early 80s you might not think that this next crowd would be an influence on anything that came out of Seattle, but my goodness were they. This is Killing Joke."

"And before that Killing Joke from I think it was 1984. Fantastic album. I remember playing this to death when we were in Holland making Hysteria. The album is called Night Time. The song we heard Love Like Blood."

The Pretenders

"You know when I hear that song having just done the Taylor Hawkins memorial show it does make me think about the musicians that are no longer with us that made such an impact. And left behind a fantastic body of work. Whether it be Taylor. Whether it be Steve Clark. Or whether it be James Honeyman-Scott who we just heard there. Who could make three notes over a period of 30 seconds just sound like the end of Free Bird. But I mean the guy was absolutely beautiful in his understated-ness if you like. Just like Mike Campbell from Tom Petty's band. Or indeed Mick Ronson. fantastic stuff there from The Pretenders from their second album we just heard Birds Of Paradise."

"You are listening to The Joe Elliott Show on the wonderful Planet Rock. Coming up we're gonna make some mental notes with Split Enz."

Split Enz

"And before that we heard Split Enz from 1976. From the UK version of the album Mental Notes. It was released in slightly different form in their home country of New Zealand. The song we heard, and the title is apt, Stranger Than Fiction."

Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins

"As I mentioned earlier I am actually still in California and had the great pleasure the other night of visiting the Hollywood Bowl to watch Miss Stevie Nicks. Who was absolutely in top form. As was her guitarist Waddy Wachtel who's been with her for around 50 years or so. He also played some fantastic work on some earlier records by the likes of James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt and of course Keith Richards' Expensive Winos. But they were both on fire, it was a really good gig. I wanted to play something from Stevie tonight. Didn't wanna play anything standard. So I went with that one which is from the Sound City Reel To Reel soundtrack. Put together by Dave Grohl. Who also played on the song along with Rami Jaffee and of course Taylor Hawkins. So we're back again to people that we have lost 'cause the song itself is about somebody that was relatively close to Stevie Nicks who passed away. So it's got a, for her, incredibly meaningful lyric. Wonderful bit of work. The song You Can't Fix This."

Todd Rundgren

"Right between now and the end of the show we're going to have a bit of a Todd fest. Starting off with the man himself. This is Todd Rundgren."

"Before that we heard Todd himself from the Anthology collection with I think what was his first ever big hit about 1972 I Saw The Light."

The Cars

"When I say Todd fest I am actually stretching the bounds of truth because that was yes, you just heard The Cars there from their ebut album in 1976 with the wonderful Moving In Stereo. But I played it because only maybe 15 years ago The Cars reformed but Ric Ocasek did not want to be involved in it. So they employed Todd Rundgren to stand in his place and he did that song on the Cars live album. Which was basically kind of a collection of some Todd songs and some Nazz songs and of course a lot of Card songs. Wonderful bit of work that is."

Show Outro

"And that my friends, for this particular show, is about it for this week. It has been a real pleasure as always. I shall be back with you next week at exactly the same time. But from where I do not know. I'll let you know when we meet up next week.

"So until then sticking with Todd. This is something that Todd produced in 1979. From one of my favourite ever bands. This from the album Remote Control is The Tubes with TV Is King. Until next week see ya!."

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