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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
CMT Crossroads - Taylor Swift/Def Leppard (2009)

CMT Crossroads 2009.

  • UK Release Date - n/a
  • US Release Date - 16th June 2009
  • Format - DVD
  • Producer - Margaret Comeaux
  • Producer - Tom Forrest
  • Producer - John Hamlin
  • Director - Christine Strand
  • Extras - Three bonus performance videos
  • Extras - Interviews/Press Conference
  • Lead Vocals - Joe Elliott
  • Bass - Rick Savage
  • Guitars - Phil Collen
  • Guitars - Vivian Campbell
  • Drums - Rick Allen
  • Lead Vocals/Guitar - Taylor Swift
  • Fiddle/Guitar/Backing Vocals - Caitlin Evanson
  • Guitar/Backing Vocals - Grant Mickelson
  • Guitar/Backing Vocals - Paul Sidoti
  • Bass/Guitar - Amos Heller
  • Banjo - Ben Clark
  • Drums - Al Wilson

DVD Notes By dltourhistory

'CMT Crossroads Def Leppard/Taylor Swift' was released online by Walmart on 16th June 2009 and later in stores on 23rd June 2009.

This was the first DVD release of any CMT Crossroads episode. It incuded three more songs that did not air on TV plus the full unedited version of "Hysteria" featuring the middle section and solo that was cut out of the broadcast. The band had two run throughs of 'Love' during the taping. The DVD also includes more backstage and interview footage than was shown during the original broadcast and the press conference. For more info on the TV show follow the link above.

DVD Info