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Best Of The Videos (2004)

Best Of The Videos 2004.

  • UK Release Date - 25th October 2004
  • US Release Date - n/a
  • Format - DVD
  • Easter Eggs - * = Hidden Bonus Videos (Hit 'Enter' when D appears on screen at start of main videos)
  • Easter Eggs - Hidden videos only appear when DVD is played from the start
  • Sleeve - UK DVD case came in cardboard slipcover.

DVD Notes By dltourhistory

'Best Of The Videos' was released in October 2004 to accompany the album 'Best Of Def Leppard' which was released on the same day. The third long form DVD release from the band.

It contains 32 videos in all, including the three hidden bonus clips. These are available at the start of videos 8, 22 and 23 if the DVD is played from the start. A Def Leppard pyrite font "D" appears in the top right of the screen as these videos begin. By pressing ENTER you start the bonus version. A mistake meant the bonus for "Slang" plays as track 8, the normal version is the hidden one. The cover was the same as the album artwork. The inner booklet and CD also had a similar design. The sound on the 1984 'BOTH' video is from 1981.

A shorter version of the Epic 8 Minute video for 'WLAHC' was included as track 22. This clip along with the Director's Cut of 'Slang', a different UK edit of 'Armageddon It' and it's US version were all previously unreleased on VHS/DVD.

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