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14 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Make Emotional Return To DONINGTON (Video)

Def Leppard 2009. Screenshot

Def Leppard returned to Donington Park and the Download Festival in Derby, England on this day in 2009 and video footage is available.

The show took place at Donington Park racetrack.

An emotional return to the festival site for the first time since August 1986 when they played the Monsters Of Rock show.

Rick Allen's big comeback show following his December 1984 car accident and a small six-date Irish warm up tour.

Joe made a long speech telling Rick's story and recalling the 1986 show before Rock of Ages. This was captured by cameras for the Sky Arts TV special and later included on the Mirrorball (Live & More) DVD.

Other acts playing on the same day (including many past tour mates/support acts) were - Whitesnake, ZZ Top, Dream Theater, Journey, Black Stone Cherry, Skin, Tesla and Stone Gods.

The 2009 summer tour had started on 12th June in Dublin, Ireland.

Joe was interviewed about the show before the tour started and backstage.

Sky Arts broadcast the following songs on UK TV - 'Hysteria', 'Animal', 'Armageddon It', 'PSSOM' . Watch all four and interview footage on the playlist linked below.

They would return to the festival just two years later on 10th June 2011 during the Mirrorball tour.

A number of photos taken by Gettyimages are available from this show.

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Def Leppard 2009. Screenshot

14th June 2009 - Joe Elliott Pre Rock Of Ages Speech

"We don't really say much, when we're on stage, we just let the music do the talking. But it occurred to me the other night when we were starting the tour off in Dublin. Where we'd actually been and where we'd actually arrived at. And it's 23 years since we last played here. When we were third on the bill to Ozzy and the Scorps and we had the great experience of playing with people like Motorhead - and Bad News!. But what you've gotta remember about what happened 23 years ago is this RICK ALLEN!.

You see the hairs on my arm, they're up man. Just like they were in 1986. It was one year before we released the Hysteria album. There we were, we weren't really sure what was gonna go on. But he'd fought his way back from a terrific injury and everybody here, which we totally appreciate it wasn't everybody here, but it was - this was the spiritual rebirth of this boy at the back. It will always be Donington to us.

Make some noise for Rick Allen will ya!. Stand up again man this is never gonna happen again come on. It's the human spirit winning over anything, this is the man. So before he starts f**king blubbing all over his cymbals, which I think he already is doing, I'm sorry Rick I had to do it man. He's gonna introduce this next song. And it goes something like this - Gunter Glieben Glouten Globen."

Def Leppard 2009.

May 2009 - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Back To Donington

"It's amazing. Well, it's 23 years since we last played what was then Donington. And what was then a one Saturday afternoon thing. You know it wasn't a three day event. And we were third on the bill to Scorpions and Ozzy. And it was a year before Hysteria came out. I mean there's a lot of history has happened since we last played here. So it is it's a massive honour for us to be able for us to go back 23 years later and headline."

What can people expect?

"Well we go on last so we get to go on in the dark which is great. We always have a great lighting rig. We've always believed in that if you're gonna see a band then you're gonna SEE a band. And you're gonna see a great light show as well as just listening to them. If you wanna listen then just stay home and play the records. We've always enjoyed the idea of putting on a great show. We grew up watching bands like Queen and AC/DC put on these spectacular performances where in fairness you're there to see the band. But it's brilliant that there's an enhancement of the band with a great lighting rig. And stuff like that. Explosions and whatever any band chooses to do."

"For us it's putting on a great show. And don't over indulge your audience and expect them to stand through every song off your new album. I mean that's just ridiculous. We'll be playing some stuff off Sparkle Lounge and we'll be playing some classic stuff from our back catalogue. Of which I will leave to your imagination because not gonna tell you the plot."

June 2009 - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"We are returning to Donington for the first time in 23 years. We were third on the bill in 1986 to Scorpions and Ozzy Osbourne. And this time round we're about to headline it. It was probably more daunting then for lots of others reasons."

View all the available footage from the show on this YouTube playlist.

Def Leppard 2009 Videos.

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