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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
 Tony Kenning - Drums

Some brief details about Tony and a listing of which tours/releases he has featured/played on.

Tony Kenning October 1978.
  • Full Name - Tony Kenning
  • Birth Date - unknown
  • Instrument - Drums
  • Previous Bands - Atomic Mass who became Def Leppard
  • Post-Lep Band - Cairo
  • Joined Band - November 1977
  • Left Band - 18th November 1978

Trivia - Nicknamed 'Reuben'. Tony was the band member who suggested changing the spelling of the name Deaf Leopard to Def Leppard after a few months. He was fired in November 1978 for not giving his full commitment to the band. According to Joe Elliott he played with the band for at least the first eight shows.

Trivia - Tony was one of eight members of pre-Lep band Atomic Mass who became Def Leppard. He later played in a pop band Cairo who released a single called 'Eight Bells' in 1984.

Atomic Mass - Final Line-Up 1977
  • Joe Elliott - (Vocals - Replaced Paul Holland)
  • Rick Savage - (Guitar/Bass-Original Member)
  • Pete Willis - (Guitar-Original Member)
  • Tony Kenning - (Drums-Original Member)
Atomic Mass - Past Members
  • Andy Nicholas - (2nd bassist-Replaced Paul Hampshire)
  • Paul Hampshire - (1st bassist)
  • Paul Holland - (2nd vocalist-Replaced Nicholas Mackley)
  • Nicholas Mackley - (1st vocalist-Original Member)

Releases - (while in the band)
  • Tony never played on any official releases. Early 1978 demos/radio sessions may feature his drumming