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Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge

2008 - studio album

The band's tenth studio album featuring the singles 'Nine Lives' with Tim McGraw and 'C'mon C'mon'.

Songs From The Sparkle Lounge 2008.

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  • UK Release - 27th April 2008 (Digital).
  • USA/CAN Release - 29th April 2008.
  • UK Release - 5th May 2008 (Physical-CD/DVD Deluxe Edition).
  • Producer - Def Leppard/Ronan McHugh.
  • Engineered/Mixed By - Ronan McHugh/Ger McDonnell/Preston Pope.
  • Track 12 - Dick Decent (Piano).
  • Studio - Joe's Garage Studios 1 & 2, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Studio - 'The Sparkle Lounge', backstage on the 2006 'YEAH!' tour.
  • Album Type - Studio Album.
  • Formats - CD/DVD, Digital.
  • Special Formats - UK/International Bonus DVD/CD Set with promo video/interview footage.
  • Record Label - Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury.
  • Record Label - Island/Mercury.

album information

Details of the CD/DVD studio album with quotes from band members.

The history of this album dates as far back as late 2003 when the band originally had the idea to record two albums simultaneously through 2004. Releasing a covers album quietly in Spring 2004, followed later in the year/the following year by a new studio album. The finished album, the bands ninth of all original material, saw most of the songs written by one person in a change from previous albums. The first single 'Nine Lives' featured a guest appearance by Tim McGraw on vocals. For the first time the band released the song via the Guitar Hero III game. It was available with two classic songs as part of a three-song track pack for the Xbox 360 console. Another single was released written by Sav called 'C'mon C'mon'. Videos were made for both songs. The album was a hit with fans and critics with a return of a more stripped down and rocking sound and no big layered production used.

The album was released digitally before the physical release in the UK which was a first for the band. It entered in the Top 10 of both the UK and US album charts and also got to number one on the UK rock album charts.

The Sparkle Lounge

The Sparkle Lounge refers to a backstage area used at every show on the 2006 YEAH! tour in North America. A room would be set up by the road crew with portable recording equipment for the band to come in whenever they felt like it and record new song ideas. The crew decorated the room with sparkly lights and it became jokingly known as the 'Sparkle Lounge'. This name was then used as the main album title to reflect the origin of many of the songs. The songs were later added to at Joe's main studio in Dublin during the early part of 2007. Vivian later said that Sav had been working on the song 'Love' for over 15 years before it was finished for this album.

CD+DVD Deluxe Edition

The limited UK only hard cover Deluxe Edition features additional handwritten lyrics, Bonus DVD and exclusive UK Bonus Track of the epic LOVE - piano version. Bonus DVD includes The Sparkle Lounge track by track commentary, 'Behind The Curtain' footage and interview behind the scenes.

songs from the sparkle lounge - album credits

band members

chart info

  • UK Chart - 10 - (11th May 2008/3 weeks on chart)
  • US Chart - 5 - (8th May 2008 - (chart dated 17th May)/8 weeks on chart)
  • CAN Chart - 7 - (8th May 2008)
  • US Top Rock Chart - 1 - (8th May 2008) - (chart dated 17th May)

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