Tuesday, 4th June 2019
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DEF LEPPARD's JOE ELLIOTT Sings At IAN HUNTER'S 80th Birthday Show (Video)

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott performed with Mott The Hoople's Ian Hunter in New York last night as part of his 80th birthday celebrations.

The show took place at the City Winery venue in New York.

Ian celebrated his 80th birthday on 3rd June as mentioned recently by Joe on his weekly Planet Rock radio show.

For the first encore Joe sang lead vocals on three songs:

Overnight Angels (Ian Hunter) and Whizz Kid (Mott The Hoople) which were both covered by the Down 'n' Outz and also Honaloochie Boogie (Mott The Hoople).

Ian's former solo band guitar player Andy York also performed during these songs whilst Ian Hunter took a break.

The rest of the setlist can be seen below which included two birthday sing-a-longs. Ian and his band are currently playing multiple shows at the venue to mark his special birthday

The previous night saw Joe perform 'PSSOM' with Billy Joel at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Joe guested with Mott The Hoople in April this year at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire during their Hoople '74 UK tour.

Joe will now start the Def Leppard 2019 tour with the rest of the band on 6th June in Sweden.

View video footage on the linked YouTube playlist below and many fan photos/video clips.

Ian Hunter And The Rant Band - New York, NY 3rd June 2019 Setlist

  • 01 - Once Bitten Twice Shy
  • 02 - Central Park n' West
  • 03 - Twisted Steel
  • 04 - Soul Of America
  • 05 - The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But The Truth
  • 06 - Man Overboard
  • 07 - Happy Birthday To Ian Hunter
  • 08 - Fingers Crossed
  • 09 - Just ANother Night
  • 10 - Dead Man Walkin'
  • 11 - All American Alien Boy
  • 12 - Dandy
  • 13 - When I'm President
  • 14 - Restless Youth
  • 15 - Sweet Jane
  • 16 - Michael Picasso
  • 17 - Ta Shunka Witco (Crazy Horse)
  • 18 - Bastard
  • 19 - 23A, Swan Hill

  • 20 - Overnight Angels - (w/ Joe Elliott on Lead Vocals/Andy York on Guitar)
  • 21 - Whizz Kid - (w/ Joe Elliott on Lead Vocals/Andy York on Guitar)
  • 22 - Honaloochie Boogie - (w/ Joe Elliott on Lead Vocals/Andy York on Guitar)

  • 23 - Irene Wilde
  • 24 - All the Way From Memphis
  • 25 - Life
  • 26 - All the Young Dudes - (w/ Joe Elliott on Backing Vocals)
  • 27 - Happy Birthday To Ian Hunter (2nd time)

Ian Hunter And The Rant Band - Band Members

  • Ian Hunter - Lead Vocal/Guitar/Piano
  • James Mastro - Guitar/Saxophone/Mandolin
  • Steve Holley - Drums
  • Mark Bosch - Guitar
  • Paul Page - Bass
  • Dennis Dibrizzi - Keyboards

The Joe Elliott Show - 27th April 2019 Quote

The Rolling Stones

"Couple of artists there very influential on Ian Hunter as he's progressed through his incredible career. That man is a force of nature. 80 years old on the 3rd of June coming up. Unbelievable. That from 1978 the album Some Girls is The Rolling Stones with Respectable."

Listen to and view all the related videos for the album on this YouTube playlist.

Def Leppard Videos 2019.

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