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JOE ELLIOTT Songs From The Vault 20th June 2019 Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2019. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his monthly radio show Songs From The Vault this week on SiriusXM.

This month's show (the 13th show since it started) included songs by Alice Cooper, Mott The Hoople and Queen.

This edition was first broadcast on Thursday 20th June.

Joe began this show on 19th April 2018 and it is broadcast once a month. This edition was his 15th show for SiriusXM.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available on the SiriusXM website.

Joe Elliott Songs From The Vault - 20th June 2019 Playlist

  • 01 - Alice Cooper - Hello Hooray
  • 02 - Peter Gabriel - Modern Love
  • 03 - Sweet - Set Me Free
  • 04 - Argent- Hold Your Head Up
  • 05 - Jethro Tull - Songs From the Wood
  • 06 - Billy Joel - Ballad Of Billy The Kid
  • 07 - Mott The Hoople - Marionette
  • 08 - AC/DC - Touch Too Much
  • 09 - Queen - More Of That Jazz
  • 10 - Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
  • 11 - Sham 69 - If The Kids Are United
  • 12 - Doctors Of Madness - Out

Voice Over Intro

"T. Rex, Mott The Hoople and David Bowie were just some of the artists who ignited his fuse to make music. His career is celebrated with Induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as lead singer for Def Leppard. Joe Elliott. Now he's sharing his passion for deep classic rock with stories and music from his personal collection. Welcome to Joe Elliott's Songs From The Vault on Deep Tracks."

Show Intro

"Greetings fellow music lovers and welcome to Helsinki in Finland. Yes that is where Def Leppard are based for the last four days or so. Two shows into our mammoth European festival run. What a fantastic place. If you like to travel I suggest heartily you come visit this fantastic city."

"I am Joe Elliott. This is Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks. So hooray for that. And hello to Alice Cooper."

Alice Cooper

"And before that from 1973. Absolutely magnificent album Billion Dollar Babies. The song we heard the lead off track Hello Hooray."

Peter Gabriel

"From his 1977 debut album that is Peter Gabriel with a fantastic bit of work called Modern Love."


"Now when this next band started off they were a bit of a pop band really. But their dream was to become a bonda fide rock band which was a bit of a problem because in the UK credibility was a huge issue in the early to mid seventies. However when you've got songs like this in your locker. It really shouldn't be an issue. This is the Sweet."

"And before that from the album Sweet Fanny Adams we heard the band.Sweet, literally out purpling Deep Purple with Set Me Free."


"I had the great fortune and pleasure of playing with the gentleman that band is named after on the 29th March this year when Def Leppard were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He joined us on keyboards for our version of All the Young Dudes. He is Rod Argent and his band are Argent from 1973. Huge hit in the UK. The song is Hold Your Head Up."

Jethro Tull

"Who's counting but this is my 15th show for SiriusXM and I have bitten my lip for all 15 but I can bite it no longer. So here's goes. I'm Joe Elliott. This is Songs From The Vault and this is Songs From the Wood."

"And as I said at the top of the link 15 weeks I've been wanting to say this. and I thought no you can't. But I just can't help myself. So yes on Songs From The Vault I played Jethro Tuull's title track of the 1977 album Songs From the Wood."

Voice Over

"This is music that has inspired one of rock's most recognisable frontmen over the years. Joe Elliott's Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks."

Billy Joel

""Just a few days before this Def Leppard mammoth European festival tour kicked off. I was actually in New York for a few days doing a little bit of business for Def Leppard indeed. But really the fun of it was that on the Sunday night I got up on stage at Madison Square Garden with Billy Joel for the second time actually. And did Pour Some Sugar On Me. Which. for the second time actually, went down really well with Billy's audience. I say that because last August he invited me on stage with him at Fenway Park in Boston and because he got wind of the fact I was in New York he said do you wanna get up again and of course you don't say no to Billy Joel. It was a really really great night. So thank you Billy."

"Before that the aforementioned Billy Joel from his debut album Piano Man with the fantastic Ballad Of Billy The Kid."

Mott The Hoople

"The night after I was down at The Winery in Grenwhich Village with Ian Hunter helping him celebrate his 80th birthday. Yes count them 80th birthday. It was the fourth show of four nights at The Winery.And the band that Ian plays with these days, the Rant Band. Invited me over to do a few numbers and a great time was had. I did three songs, had a nice glass of champagne with Ian afterwards. And I still to this day cannot figure out this man's incredible ability to keep going all these years after he started out. 50 years since he did the first album with Mott The Hoople. and he's still writing songs and still performing them in front of a very willing audience."

"There we just heard Mott The Hoople from 1974. the album The Hoople. The song Marionette. A song he didn't play on the night but I did hear him play it in London about a a month ago and yes if you are a fan Mott The Hoople are gonna do more shows later on this year."


"So after all that I think it's time to take a little trip down the Highway To Hell with AC/DC."

"And before that we heard from the 1979 album Highway To Hell. One of three albums for AC/DC that were produced by Robert John Mutt Lange who would also go on to produce three albums for Def Leppard. The song that we heard Touch Too Much."


"Now it goes without saying that the late great Freddie Mercury was born with one of the greatest voices of all time. Whether he be singing rock or pop or even Opera. He truly was blessed. However having said that I am a huge fan of the drummer Roger Taylor's singing voice when he takes lead vocal. And that for me is a great example. From the album Jazz. the song More Of That Jazz."

Sex Pistols

"You are listening to Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks. I'm Joe Elliott and this is the Sex Pistols."

"And before that you can't say anything but wow. The Sex Pistols. The only album that they ever made. it is an incredible record. it is called Nevermind The Bollocks. And the song that we heard. The rock and roll national anthem of course. God Save The Queen."

Sham 69

"I know a lot of listeners may find difficult to believe. The Punk movement in the UK was an enormous influence on early Def Leppard. Now I know that we're known for our ballads and we're known for our melodic pop rock songs and all that kinda stuff. The energy that Punk Rock brought into the UK when we were 16 year old kids .and we were listening to this was such an influence. It took our head space into the let's write short songs with short solos. Not drag these things out for 11 or 12 minutes .That's where the influence was and in those couple of songs you can probably hear where I', coming from. That is Sham 689 from a best of collection. the song is If The Kids Are United which was a huge hit in the UK."

Show Outro

"this has been Joe Elliott's Songs From The Vault on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks. Thanks for listening. I'll be back with you soon enough."

"Until then I'm gonna leave you with this. One of my favourite bands of all time. From their second album in 1977. The album is called Figments Of Emancipation. This is the Doctors Of Madness and Out. Until next time be good to yourselves."

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