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JOE ELLIOTT On Sharing Rock Hall Induction With DEF LEPPARD Fans

Def Leppard 2018. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by US radio in December 2018 and commented on the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction.

Joe spoke to Nik Carter and Lori Majewski for the Feedback show on SiriusXM radio in December.

Joe talked about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction, who might induct them, Sheffield, being congratulated, winning the Fan Vote, being fed up of questions about not being nominated and the role of fan in winning the vote and getting inducted.

Joe recalled how the band were sick of being asked about the lack of nominations in recent years and how they share the Induction with fans because of the fan vote win.

Listen to the full interview clips below.

Note - According to this article (and others) from the 2018 Fan Voting, Bon Jovi got over 1,1 million votes. And the second and third places acts also got over 900,000 and 600,000 votes.

Read Joe's comments about the Rock Hall Induction from December.

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Feedback - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Fan Vote

"Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt the fans because of the way that the world is now. The way that everything is set up in this very media savvy world. It's a daily, hourly connection where an email comes in from your management or your management team or your social media people going check it out, check it out, check it out. And all you're doing is seeing this thing that's people taking photographs of the thing at, maybe in the museum where's there's an electronic billboard telling you who's winning. All that kind of stuff. You seeing it on a minimum daily basis. And you know that that is the fans voting. So its constantly on your mind that they are truly now becoming a very big part of this."

"So we, you know, look it's no big secret from a I think it would have been about 2006, 2007 I think I was first asked during just a regular interview. So you know you're like nominated, you know you're eligible for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame? Because it was like 26, 27 years since the first record. And I went actually no I didn't, I don't know what the rules are. I don't know anything about it. So I'm not expecting a phone call tomorrow you know. And then people would keep asking and keep asking. And I'd be like look leave it alone. I don't know, there's nothing I can do about it. It's a bunch of people that I'll never meet that decide whether we're valid enough to belong in this club."

"So it really just became something where we just got fed up of talking about it because we were always being asked about it but we were never being nominated. And so it's like look we don't care. It's not gonna change my life. This is what I was thinking in 2008, 9, 10, 11, 12. And then when the fan vote thing came in people would say to us you know the fans have actually got a say in it now. Albeit a small one it became obvious that as small as it is it's the one that everybody else has no option but to take notice of because their media people, agents and managers are telling you on a daily basis look whose just topped the charts. Number One of the voting list, Def Leppard."

"So it puts us in everybody's minds permanently but it's through the fans. You know it's like everything else in life, when a band, any artist, gets a piece of artwork or a record that they need to get to their people they have to go through some form of media so that people can know that it exists. Doing interviews, going on telly, doing radio and all that kinda stuff. So we knew that you've gotta get through the media to get to the fans. The day your ultimate ambition is to get through them. So the fact that they wanted this probably more then we did originally. We now accept the fact that it's us and them together and we are ecstatic to be in. So them first us second because yes who wouldn't wanna be in the same club as the Beatles and The Stones."

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction News

"We're on tour in the UK so it's just been one whirlwind thing after another. Between playing these shows. We're currently in our birth town of Sheffield, England which is where the whole thing started. Literally the hotel I'm in is maybe a mile from our old rehearsal room where we started in August of 1977. So it's been a long strange trip as I think Jim Morrison once said."

"And here we are receiving the news, as I'm in my home town, you couldn't make it up you know. And we have a gig here tomorrow night which is obviously timely in a sense of timing wise, but this all kind of all periphery information that is coming in. Just before I picked up the phone for the interview the news has obviously broke that you wouldn't believe the amount of emails coming in from friends and family and other, you know, people that are in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame going welcome to the club and stuff like these you know."

Who has emailed you tell us?

"David Coverdale. Brian Johnson. I mean the list is endless. It really is."

Who might induct them?

"You know it's the one thing. We didn't take it for granted that we were get in even though I know we were crushing the fan vote. But more than the fans there's all the people that we don't know. We don't know who they're gonna vote for. So we didn't even think about who we're gonna get to induct us because you know we didn't wanna think - I don't like pre planning that far ahead in case it all falls flat and you don't end up getting in and then you put a lot of energy into something that you didn't need to do. And trust me I need all the energy that I can get at my age. So I'm not gonna waste on stuff until I have to."

"Now we will start thinking about who's gonna, you know who's gonna do it. And yeah I suppose Ian's up for the, you know, he'd be one of the people we'll think about if he's available or he wants to do it. You know we're open minded. We're also realistic that some people might not wanna do it you know but we'll see. We'll see."

Winning The Fan Vote

"Actually on my mother's life, no we didn't. I talk to Jon about Hampton Water, often. Which is his rose which won best rose of 2018 by the way. I talk...and we've been in touch with each other all the time like well are you in are you out, are you in?. I'm like dude I have no idea. But I never, no, I never actually picked his brains on how he did it. Our social media people are very very good at their job and just went about doing i themselves you know. I'll tell you what though my finger's sore from re dialling. In fairness if I was gonna vote I'd have voted for Stevie Nicks and I would have voted for Todd Rundgren if I was actually gonna do it."

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