Thursday, 7th February 2019
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19 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Bring EUPHORIA To Montreal (Video)

Def Leppard 2000. Screenshot

Def Leppard played a show in Montreal, QC, Canada 19 years ago today on the Euphoria tour and video footage is available.

The show took place at the Molson Centre Theatre.

This show was the fifth time the band had played in the city known for its extremely loud rock audiences.

The show was featured on local TV news with Joe and Vivian being interviewed on the stage.

Joe sings a little bit of Frank Sinatra at the start of the interview.

Watch 'Let It Go' and the interview footage on the YouTube playlist.

Montreal 2000 - Joe Elliott/Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Joe - "Bonsoir monsieur comment ca va?."

Special memories of this city?

Joe - "Yeah it's the loudest audience in the world. "

The Band

Joe - "There's a friendship involved and there's also a tolerance. We know how to work with each other. We know how to leave each other alone when somebody's in a bit of a funky mood."

Tour Bus Theft In Kelowna, BC

Joe - "Nobody really puts much sentimental value on a computer or a bag or a pair of shoes. But when you have a video camera stolen that's got your son opening his Christmas presents. That's pretty sucky and if the guy that stole them is watching this show. We think you stink and we'd like to give you a damn good kicking."

Joe - "On our European tour and they'll be 4,000 people in the crowd and they'll be two girls."

Vivian - "It's totally different in Europe like you go to Germany or whatever and it's a bunch of guys with moustaches. Hair's down to hair and bullet belts and you know leather jackets and they like the real metal stuff. We don't play many ballads in Germany."

View all the Fan Videos available so far on this YouTube playlist.

Montreal, QC Fan Videos 2000.

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