Wednesday, 11th December 2019
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VIVIAN CAMPBELL On LAST IN LINE's 2020 European Festival Tour/3rd Album

Last In Line 2019. Last In Line 2020

Vivian Campbell's Last In Line were interviewed at Planet Rockstock and talked about their plans for 2020.

Vivian and Andrew spoke to Planet Rock to promote the Last In Line album/tour.

They were interviewed backstage at the Planet Rockstock festival over the weekend.

They talked about Last In Line's UK Tour, rescheduling for Def Leppard tour announcement, European Festivals In 2020, Andrew Freeman's history, Third Album/Future Plans, New Last In Line Material and being creative.

Vivian revealed the band have plans to play other festivals in Europe in addition to Hellfest in France. He suggested they may also play others including Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium and another show in Copenhagen, Denmark. And that they want to play Sweden Rock.

Apart from Hellfest the band have not been announced yet.

Graspop Metal Meeting's 2020 line-up was actually announced earlier today for 18th to 21st June 2020 but LIL are not yet listed for it.

The Copenhagen show "could" be at Copenhell which takes place from 17th to 20th June 2020.

Watch the full 8 minute interview below. The audio was included in the Planet Rockstock one hour special last night on the radio station.

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Planet RockstockSpecial - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

UK Tour Rescheduling/Def Leppard 2020 Tour

Vivian Campbell - "Yes I had to go back to L.A. for a couple of days. So that was out of our control. So sorry about that for anyone who was inconvenienced, but we managed to reschedule the shows but I realise not everyone can come. It doesn't work with everyone's schedule."

Last In Line At European Festivals In 2020

Vivian - "Yeah but we're here now. Tonight's our last show in the UK and then we're heading off to Antwerp tomorrow. And then we have another week or so on the mainland in Europe. But we will be back. When will we be back Andrew?."

Andrew Freeman - "I think June. I think we come back in June and do some festivals yeah. Yeah on the books maybe. We'll see."

Vivian - "Hellfest and what's the one in Holland. Graspop. Copenhagen I think and we're trying to schedule a few others. We'd like to do Sweden Rock. We're trying to connect the dots to do that one too. So yeah the weather will be better so I won't need this big scarf, but I might bring it anyway."

Last In Line/Def Leppard

Vivian - "Yeah two very different muscles to exercise, you know, when we scheduled this Last In Line tour the Leppard thing wasn't on the books. It really just came in at the last minute. I knew we were doing the tour but I had no idea that they were gonna pull together this big press conference in LA."

Vivian - "So anyway it goes with the gig. Unfortunately there's been a couple of times over the recent few years where we've had to move the goalposts for Last In Line but we try and make it work you know."

Third Album/Future Plans

Andrew - "We've got another record we're working on for next year. We've already pretty much got written. So just gotta put lyrics to the songs and we'll go from there. And our last album is still pretty new. it's not even a year old yet, but we're already thinking about moving forward and not taking, because of all the things that interfere, you know, that take us anyway from this. We kind of want to get this going now."

Andrew - "So if it takes a year to get it out, at least we'll have most of it written by the time, you know, by next year."

Vivian - "Which is what we're kind of hoping for. We have, as Andy said, we've got a lot of the music written. In fact probably most of it or all of it. And Andrew's just gotta do the hard work of melodies and lyrics and stuff."

Andrew - "Yeah we say it's been written but now we have to make them songs."

Vivian - "So yeah when we were in Vegas with Def Leppard, we had a residency over the summer. And Andrew lives in Vegas so Vinny and Phil flew out and we had four days I think where we just wrote and came up with ideas. Anyway long story short we wanna get started on the record by February in L.A.."

Vivian - "We don't have a label deal at the moment. We're between labels. So we're excited about the prospect of going to a new label and hopefully, you know, actually getting out music out a bit more globally. But we wanna get a head start on the record. We don't wanna wait till all that's in place 'cause if we don't start it by February we've got no chance of getting it out next year. It would be great if we got it out say by about this time next year and then we can come back and be in South Wales in the middle of Winter."

New Last In Line Material

Andrew - "We got together for four days - and we were able to put together 12/13 songs for a new record."

Last In Line 2020 Confirmed European Tour Date

Last In Line 2020 Confirmed USA Tour Dates

The second date for September is not yet listed by the venue but is on the LIL site.

Last In Line 2019.

Last In Line / Latest Release

Last In Line II - (Album)

Last In Line / Latest Tour

Last In Line Tour 2019

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