Thursday, 10th May 2018
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JOE ELLIOTT On Making A Statement With DEF LEPPARD's YEAH! Album

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has commented on the 2006 YEAH! covers album in new video clip posted to YouTube.

Joe has talked about the 2006 YEAH! covers album in the latest of a series of interview clips posted by the band.

The 14 song album was first announced by band members in mid 2003 during the X/Ten tour with two songs played live in the USA.

Recording then took place in early 2004 with the first songs eventually being released with greatest hits albums in 2004 (Waterloo Sunset) and 2005 (No Matter What).

Both 'Rock On' and 'No Matter What' would become regularly played live songs during the 2005 Rock of Ages tour.

In all 22 songs were released in May 2006 on the various formats and editions of the album.

Joe explains why they picked the songs they did and why he wanted to make a cover album in the first place.

Watch the short video below.

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Def Leppard 2006.

YEAH! Album - Joe Elliott Video Quotes

"Picking the songs for YEAH!, easiest thing we've ever done. They picked themselves. We picked more, we actually picked two more songs. One or two songs that we didn't do. But nobody ever argued about anything."

"The only time we had a dicussion about which song was Blondie, 'cause we ended up doing Hangin' On The Telephone and I think I suggested we should try One Way Or Another which I thought would've been cool. Everybody else fancied that one. So OK I don't mind."

"We had a list of about 30 songs and then we literally all picked the same twelve and then there was suggestions by management and other people where we went. Er no, no, no, no, no because it's like that's what you want us to do not what we wanna do."

"This has to be a statement about where we came from. Not trying to impress other people by. No, it's like we're gonna do David Essex because we think Rock On is an awesome song. We're gonna do Badfinger. We're gonna do Thin Lizzy. We're gonna do The Faces. We're gonna do T. Rex and Sweet and E.L.O. because these are the songs that led us to where we were.."

"And I've always wanted to do a covers album. Phil will tell ya. I was banging on everybody's door, we should do a covers record. I was saying this back in 1990 and we finally put one out 16 years later."

"I always found Pinups to be a great record. And I've found that a lot of these covers records they can, again, they can polarise people's opinions. Some of them are awful and some of them are stunning. And I always thought that Bowie's was brilliant and I wanted us to do the same thing."

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