Friday, 2nd March 2018
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DEF LEPPARD Possibly Launching A New IPA Beer In The USA

Def Leppard 2018. By Golden Road Brewing Co.

Def Leppard may be releasing a new IPA beer in the USA according to posts from a beer news blog.

Titled 'Def Leppard IPA', the beer is said to be launching soon and even has a 'Hysteria' album themed label.

News of this beer was first posted on 19th January on the blog called 'My Beer Buzz' and this was recently followed up with a posting of the label and that "launch news" would soon follow.

Follow the links below to both blog posts.

The drink is an IPA (India Pale Ale) "brewed with English hops" which is 7.3% alc/vol and is being made with the Golden Road brewing company who are based in Los Angeles.

Joe first launched his own Down 'n' Outz beer in September 2010 in conjunction with the Porterhouse Brewing Company in Dublin to tie in with the 'My Regeneration' album.

He later launched an IPA beer called 'Joe Elliott's Louder Bangin' Strong Ale' in April 2014. Sadly his partner in both beers, Oliver Hughes, passed away in 2016.

Neither of these beers were launched in the USA or outside of the UK. Read some of Joe's previous quotes about the Louder beer.

There is currently no information about the beer on the Golden Road company website or social network profiles.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

My Beer Buzz 25th February 2018 - News Quotes

Golden Road & Def Leppard Collaborate On Def Leppard IPA 19.2oz Cans

"We brought you a peek at this beer, and now we have the exciting new packaging. This is Def Leppard IPA from Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles, CA. This musical collaboration with the band Def Leppard is a west coast IPA brewed with English hops. This beer hits 7%-AbV and it will be packaged in 19.2oz cans. Stay tuned for release info.."

My Beer Buzz 19th January 2018 - News Quote

Golden Road Def Leppard IPA

"It’s only a keg label, but here we have a very musical beer coming from Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles, CA. The is Def Leppard IPA (7.3%-AbV). Stay tuned for more info."

Joe Elliott 2010.

Louder Beer - Joe Elliott 2014 Interview Quotes

Joe Elliott's Louder Bangin' Strong Ale

"In honour of Spinal Tap it goes all the way up to 11% proof. It's a take no prisoners American-style barley wine meant for sipping."

"...his extremely rock 'n' roll brew, which has been in quality Irish bars and offies since April this year in 330ml form. New 500ml bottles are being released in the run-up to Christmas, with an IPA due early in 2015."

Down 'n' Outz Beer

"I want it to have a kick, so that people go, 'Holy shit!' when they taste it.' When I gave one to Rick (Savage) to take home, he emailed me three days later saying, 'I've gotta tell ya, it's the best beer I've ever f**king drunk in my life!'"

Joe Elliott 2014.

A Third Beer

"I'm going to call it 'Squiddle Sweat' in honour of a phrase Les Dawson used in a joke years and years ago," he beams. "It's no dafter than Bishop's Finger or Hobgoblin!"

Joe Elliott's Louder Bangin' Strong Ale - Description

"An American style barley wine. Big on flavor, big on hops and big on alcohol. A strong beer, brewed with lots of dark malt to give a rich malt character, finishing with a distinctive hop aroma and a little sweetness just for Joe."

The Joe Elliott Show - April 2014 Quote


"I've started working with Oliver the guy that runs the microbrewery and we've brought out more of a generic beer called Louder. We're just in the embryonic stages now it is available in Dublin, Ireland on drought and you can get it in bottles. And it's 11 proof so it will blow your head off."

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