Friday, 16th March 2018
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DEF LEPPARD's RICK ALLEN On His LEGENDS Series/2018 Tour (Video)

Rick Allen 2018. Screenshot

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen appeared on local news TV in Washington D.C. yesterday and the full video is available.

Rick spoke to Great Day Washington on WUSA9 TV yesterday ahead of his two art events on Saturday.

Rick talked about how he got into art/painting, his approach to painting, painting drums, his Legends series, relearning to paint/drum after his accident, veterans, PTSD and the North American tour with Journey.

He briefly mentioned the Journey tour at the end but mostly focused on his artwork.

Rick has now completed three paintings in his Legends Series. The Steve Clark piece he unveiled in January plus Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon.

Watch the full 8 minute interview video below.

Great Day Washington - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

What came first the drumming or the artwork?

"I got into painting when I was really young. I got more paint on me than anywhere else, but it was always a staple. It was always something that took me to a really good place. And then I discovered music, got into photography. And them more recently my youngest daughter, we started painting together. It was a great way for us to connect."

What does the painting provide you that maybe drumming or performing doesn't?

"It's interesting. I got to a very similar place. It's being in the moment and not necessarily having rules around how I do it but trying to be in the moment and you know for the painting to come from my heart. And music really does the same thing. It takes me to that same sort of mindless place where I'm in the moment. It's wonderful."

Do you go to the canvas with something in mind?

"For instance the Legends pieces I'll take a photograph and I'll make it really contrasting and I'll start to study the whites, the greys and the blacks and then basically sketch the thing out. Do a really thin under painting and then just start to build the layers up. Whereas something like that, there's a little more math involved but, or depending on the piece and obviously that's paying homage to where I choose to live which is here in the States. And obviously paying homage to our vets as well. ."

I love that you're painting drums

"Well, I've got art to wear. I've got art to play. You know we're covering all bases. ."

When you lost your arm, you were saying that the painting kind of helped with the PTSD that you suffered as well.

"I find it very therapeutic. It really helps to calm my nervous system down. And yeah it's just a really good way for me to manage PTSD."

And what was it like to relearn that, just like with drumming, using one arm?

"Very interesting, it was less of a relearning and more of a redirecting of information that was already in my mind. I could do things with my right hand after the accident that I could never do and then as a kid I was always really right footed playing soccer and then I realised I could kick with my left almost as good as my right just naturally. So something happened. Some sort of ancient response, I don't know, but it wasn't necessarily a learning it was just redirecting information."

So it's in there but when you're forced to figure it out then you know it's there. It's innate.

"I think it's necessity. You know and the mind figures it out. So I'm happy that I was able to relearn everything."

When you did lose your arm, how do you think that that has changed you. Did you grow into a different person because of that loss?

"I think so. It was almost like that chapter of my life had a big full stop at the end of it. And then I had to rethink how I was gonna move forward. I went through a lot of very profound experiences and I think it set me on a better trajectory you know. And you know just more of a responsible person you know what I mean."

Where can we see them? How do they benefit?

"These are gonna be at Tysons Galleria and Montgomery on Saturday. In fact everything that you see here will be there and a portion of the proceeds from all the pieces go towards the veterans programs."

Why do veterans have such a big place in your heart?

"Because of my own trauma and going through, you know, even though it's not combat related the brain doesn't know that. You know it could be from an abusive relationship or you know any form of trauma. And it can sort of come up in the body as PTSD."

And coming up this summer. Busy summer for you

"Yeah. I don't wanna know, there's so much ahead of me. But yeah I think June 8th and June 16th we'll be in the area. ."

So Def Leppard and Journey. That's like what to see this summer!

"Yeah it'll be fun."

Does touring ever get tiring for you?

"It does. There's a lot of waiting around, You know probably similar to what you do here. It's like hurry up and wait you know. You need to be at this place for. You know after soundcheck you've got all this time before the show. So there are times when I think I wish I was at home."

But then you get onstage and like...the fans

"That's the gift. That's the gift. That's the blessing."

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