Wednesday, 7th March 2018
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DEF LEPPARD's RICK ALLEN On His Art/Joining The Band (Video)

Rick Allen 2018. Screenshot

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen appeared on local news TV in New York in January and the full video is available.

Rick spoke to FOX5NY on 12th January 2018 to promote an art event in Short Hills, NJ.

Rick talked about joining Def Leppard in 1978, starting in art, his 1984 car accident/recovery, his art pieces, living in America, decoarting drums and his art events in Short Hills.

He once again recalled how he joined the band and his car accident.

Watch the full 7 minute interview video below.

And view fan photos from the Short Hills event which were shared in January.

FOX5NY - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

Joining Def Leppard At 15

"I was so fortunate I was one of those kids, I came straight out of school. And obviously my parents they didn't think I was gonna be a brain surgeon. They said you know let him go, let him follow his dreams. And that's exactly what I did, I got a private tutor. And I ended up staying with Def Leppard. And it was, you know, it's one of those success stories."

Starting In Art

"The artwork came first. When I was a kid I used to get more paint on me than anything else and then I discovered music round about nine or ten years old. And then when my youngest daughter was born, when she was old enough we started painting together and that's when it reignited my passion."

1984 Car Accident/Recovery

"My accident was actually the end of 1984, the last day of 1984 so I ruined everybody's New Year celebrations!. Yeah New Year's Eve day. 21 and yeah I was driving my car down country roads, left hand drive car, in England. Didn't see the corner, went round the corner. Rolled the car and the seatbelt actually came undone and that was the thing that took my arm."

"No I was actually with my girlfriend at the time. At first, when I first came round in hospital, it was like it's all over. I'm done. But then encouragement from my family, from the guys in the band and then hundreds of thousands of letters from all over the planet. And it was at that point when I discovered the power of the human spirit and that was really what propelled me and I was like I can do this. And once I took that step then here we are. Exactly all the information was there, I just needed to channel it out in a different way so I could express myself. A very good friend of mine created some foot pedals and I was able to play an electronic drumkit as opposed to the acoustic drumkit. Still play acoustic drums but it's easier for me to express myself using the electronic drums."

His Art Pieces/Working With Veterans

"And the wonderful thing about the artwork. It's really just another way for me to express myself. And the fantastic thing is this, I got to the same place when I play music. It's that being in the moment and's actually really therapeutic and it rally helps with my PTSD, which is obviously one of the connections with the vets. And that's one thing, this along with the music, has been so therapeutic, so helpful for me just to cope with certain triggers."

Living In America

"I live here and it' I don't actually live, I have family here. My wife she's born here, so I have family and everything, but I'm actually out on the West Coast. But yeah I figure I live in America. America has given me all this freedom to express myself either with my music and now this is something different."

2018 North American Tour

"I can't talk about that. I think so this year but I didn't get the memo yet. I'm planning on going on vacation, but I'm sure when I get the memo I won't be."

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