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DEF LEPPARD's RICK ALLEN Talks About His Artwork (2017 Video)

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Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen appeared on local news TV in Atlanta, GA in November 2017 and the full video is available.

Rick spoke to Julie Smith for Peachtree TV feature on Atlanta Plugged In on CBS46 News 3 in November 2017 ahead of his two art events in Atlanta, GA.

Rick talked about starting with his artwork, his art inspiration, working with veterans, art pieces, drum art and his art events in Atlanta.

He mentioned his inspiration to paint coming from his youngest daughter, who was born in December 2010.

Watch the full 5 minute interview video below.

CBS46 News 3 - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

Painting/Art Inspiration

"Yeah when I was young I used to love to paint, like I told ya I used to get more paint on me than on the paper. But then came full circle when my youngest daughter was born you know. So I discovered art, discovered music and now full circle and it really, really helps me in so many ways. I love to do this. It keeps me in the moment and it actually really helps me with my PTSD also. You know from the trauma of the accident. So this is something that I just I love to do and I continue to do this. And it's amazing, you know, all this art that comes from little old me."

Working Veterans

"I think because of my own experience of PTSD and the usual sort of traits that I started to see in myself. You know when I'd meet with veterans I realised they were speaking the same language. And yeah it just seemed like the right thing to do and a lot of people think I'm doing it for the veterans but in reality it's a two way street. I really, I pick up so much of how I can manage my own life working with the veterans."

Art Pieces

"That's one of my buses. Yeah it's fantastic and just, you know, the idea of the camaraderie between, you know, America and England. And then the wearable art is fantastic. I wear this one all the time. ."

Drum Art/Your hand print?

"Yes it is and just the idea of being able to decorate a drumkit. You know I wanna do a whole drumkit just for myself like this you know I love it. It's such a great way of expressing myself. You know wearable art, playable art."

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