Friday, 12th January 2018
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RICK ALLEN On His Return To DEF LEPPARD After Accident (Audio)

Rick Allen 2018. By WCBSFM 101.1

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was interviewed by New York radio yesterday and the full audio is available.

Rick spoke to DJ Scott Shannon in New York, NY ahead of his two art shows in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Rick talked about his Thundergod nickname, leaving school to join Def Leppard, his accident and recovery, his return to drumming/playing style, working with wounded warriors, his artwork/exhibitions and the Art To Wear collection.

Rick would not be led into giving away any tour info at the end. Simply stating he had not yet "got the memo" with any tour news.

His two new art events take place this weekend in Shorts Hills, NJ and King Of Prussia, PA.

Listen to the full 11 minute interview below along with a short video.

Shannon In The Morning - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

His Accident/Recovery

"Well when I finally came round in hospital. Honestly I thought it was all over. I thought that was it. I was 21 and just the encouragement I got from the guys in the band and my family and then thousands, hundreds of thousands of letters coming from all over the planet."

"I discovered the human spirit and that's what really propelled me forward. I realised in that moment that I could do this."

"Yeah and one of the things that really helped me was to stop comparing myself to how I used to be. And stop comparing myself to others and finally get around to the idea of celebrating how unique this was. How unique this way of playing is. And at that point there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and that's when I realised, you know, I can do this because nobody else can do this the way that I do it."

"Not trying to be, ou know, big headed or anything. Just it was unique."

Def Leppard 2018 Tour/Who's it gonna be with this year?

"Um I haven't got the memo yet 'cause I'm actually - I actually just wanna spend a vacation. You know 'cause I'm always busy."

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