Saturday, 10th February 2018
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PHIL COLLEN On 2018 DEF LEPPARD Tour/New Tesla Album (Audio)

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed to promote the G3 tour and the full audio is available.

Phil spoke to Bill Hernandez for the Rock Band Reviews website.

Phil talked about the G3 tour/illness, being busy, musical ideas/inspiration, the new Tesla album, the G3 tour/Delta Deep, playing With Joe Satriani/John Petrucci, East Coast Live album, blues music, 2018 North American Tour/Journey, his singing voice on tour, his health/fitness and his time off.

Phil briefly mentioned the 2018 tour with Journey and the new Tesla album 'Stereo Animation' that he has produced and co-written.

Listen to the full 15 minute interview below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Rock Band Reviews - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Producing The New Tesla Album

"I just finished the Tesla album. I produced the Tesla album and, you know, co-wrote all the songs with the guys. And that was totally inspiring, you know, 'cause we was trying to create something just very different in this day and age. Again I love that creative thing out there that kind of propels you forward. It's such a cool thing."

Delta Deep/East Coast Live

"Well we did release a live album called East Coast Live that we recorded like a year and a half, two years ago. actually on tour. We have a studio album called Delta Deep which came out in 2015 and it started as kind of , yeah extreme blues. That's the only way I can out it because it was like Hendrix and The Stones there were all blues bands. That actually took it a stage further. When Delta blues turned into Chicago blues, basically just from migration and the fact it went to electric guitars and all of a suddenly it stopped. Hendrix and Zeppelin and The Stones actually, they would all try and push that blues thing forward and then. Yeah obviously it turned into other music as well, you know, you had James Brown, you had Chuck Berry. You had all this other stuff that was inspired by it."

"So that's what we wanted to do. We wanted that energy and power. The electric power and Debbi Blackwell-Cook's voice. Which is kind of Aretha and kind of Tina Turner. I like pushing the boundaries as opposed to becoming a karaoke that kind of just copies something. So yeah I think that's what we're trying to do with Delta Deep and it's fascinating, I love it."

2018 North American Tour/Journey

"Absolutely, you know, we've been threatening to go on tour with Journey. We toured with them in 2006 and we had such a blast and it was such a successful tour. So yeah we finally getting it back on the road. So that's really cool."

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Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar