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Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell once played in a short lived band called Trinity and rare video footage is available.

Vivian was fired from DIO in March 1986 during a break on the Sacred Heart tour.

His last show with them was on 12th January 1986 in Honolulu, Hawaii and in May 1986 he formed a new band called Trinity alongside vocalist/bassist Davy Watson and drummer Pat Waller.

The trio were based in his home town of Belfast and were together until Spring 1987 when Vivian was approached to join the Whitesnake 1987/1988 touring band.

Davy Watson has posted footage of the band performing the song 'I Worry About You' on local Northern Irish TV show 'Video Gold' on UTV ( Ulster Television).

This appears to be the first time any audio or video of the band has been posted online. The words and music for the song were written by Davy Watson. The band did not officially release any singles or albums.

Vivian was asked about the band's recordings during a February 2016 interview.

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One on One With Mitch Lafon - Vivian Campbell February 2016 Interview Quotes

Between DIO and Whitesnake you were in a band called Trinity. Whatever happened with that?. There were rumours that an album was made, you couldn't land a record deal and thus it never came out. And then there was the other side of the coin where nothing ever happened and it was just a band in name only. What did happen with Trinity and is there a secret record?

"We wrote a bunch of songs and we recorded a few of them. Not to any great standard. You know differing standards. There were actually a couple of different sessions here, there and everywhere, but I would term the music as being in the demo stage."

"And the reason, you know with the benefit of hindsight. The reason why it never took off was it was too scattered in approach. We weren't at all focused on what we were doing and for record companies that was very difficult for them to get their head around that you know. The obvious marketing angle would've been to push towards hard rock guitar driven music because I had just come out of DIO. And that would have been the marketing leg up that they would have needed."

"And we did have, you know, we had that edge. We were guitar heavy for sure but we were stylistically all over the map. So we were just kinda throwing shit out there to see what it was we wanted to do. We didn't even really know. It was sort of an experiment. Like I say with hindsight and experience and what it teaches you. If I could talk to my 24 year old self I would say hey reel it in a bit. Focus on songs and don't be so scattered there."

"It is what it is you know. I ended up going on tour with Whitesnake and that wasn't so bad either."

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