Saturday, 14th April 2018
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Omaze are running a contest to win VIP tickets for Def Leppard's Boston show and meet Joe Elliott and Phil Collen.

The contest being run by the Omaze website lets you win the chance to spend time with Joe Elliott and Phil Collen at the Boston show.

The show takes place at Fenway Park baseball stadium on 11th August with Journey and opener Cheap Trick.

Journey close this show which kicks off leg 2 of the co-headline tour.

The winner will get to have lunch with Joe and Phil, ride to the stadium in their tour bus and sing with the band backstage.

They will also watch the soundcheck and then the show from VIP seats.

Travel and accommodation are also included in the prize which depends on charity donations made to the site. The high the donation the more chances you have to win.

Note - This contest is only open to fans in the USA.

View all the details on the Omaze website and the short video below.

Omaze - Video Quotes

Phil Collen - "Hey there guys I'm Phil Collen. I'm here with Joe. Joe Elliott that is."

Joe Elliott - "Hi Phil."

Phil Collen - "Hello Joe, alright?. We're from Def Leppard and we're gonna invite you to hang with Def Leppard on tour."

Joe Elliott - "That's right. We're gonna fly you and one of your friends out to our tour stop in Boston where you will be our VIP guests at our show with Journey at Fenway Park."

Phil Collen - "But before we tear your face off, we're gonna spend the day together."

Joe Elliott - "Yep, we'll grab lunch together at one of our favourite spots in Boston."

Phil Collen - "And you'll ride with us on the tour bus as long as you keep your fingers out of all the drawers and stuff. And we'll play your favourite song at soundcheck just for you."

Joe Elliott - "And you can even get to sing with us backstage if you want to. If you want. That'll be cool."

Phil Collen - "Or play guitar, as well, if you can."

Phil Collen - "So basically, you're gonna get to see what it's like to be a rockstar, or whatever it is we do."

Joe Elliott - "Yeah, without all the headaches of practising your guitar parts, writing songs or all that messy stuff."

Phil Collen - "So you just get the glory and the free food."

Joe Elliott - "And the best part is every donation benefits Face Forward and their mission to support the victims of domestic violence and human trafficking."

Phil Collen - "So click the link, or go to to enter."

Joe Elliott - "And we will see you on tour!."

Omaze - Contest Details

Live Like a Rockstar with Def Leppard and Sit VIP for Their Show

Be Joe Elliott and Phil Collen’s VIPs for Def Leppard’s concert at Fenway Park

Join Joe and Phil for lunch, ride to the stadium in their tour bus and sing with the band backstage

Catch soundcheck and watch Def Leppard and their co-headliner Journey rock out from VIP seats

Get flown out to Boston and put up in a 4-star hotel

Rise up gather round, you’re going to rock this place to the ground… and by “this place” we mean Def Leppard’s show at Fenway Park!

You and a friend are off to Boston to live it up as Def Leppard’s VIPs. First, you’ll pour some sugar all over a delicious lunch with Joe Elliott and Phil Collen.

Then, you’ll head to the stadium in their badass tour bus. You’ll arrive just in time for soundcheck, where the band will play your favorite song (maybe you’ll snag a photograph of them singing Photograph?).

After that, you’ll hang backstage, sing a few songs with the guys, then watch Def Leppard and Journey put on a rock show of ages from your VIP seats. Love bites, but this won’t. Flights and hotel included.

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