Friday, 6th April 2018
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed last month by Arkansas radio and mentioned the US tour.

Phil spoke to Jeff Allen of The Point 94.1 in Little Rock, AR promoting the show in July.

Phil talked about the 2018 tour with Journey, his new son, the G3 tour, the digital/streaming deal, second Delta Deep album, Tesla album, new Def Leppard music, the YEAH! album/lead vocals, the band's live show, listening to music, co-headlining with Journey and the Arkansas Deaf Leopards.

He spoke about the upcoming co-headline tour of North America with Journey and briefly mentioned once again that the band recording new music.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Jeff Allen - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2018 North American Tour

"Me too I'm really looking forward to it. Yeah, right on. Yeah the tour's gonna be a blast."

Digital/Streaming Deal

"When everyone else was doing it we felt that they were just throwing music away. You know they weren't getting sufficiently compensated and all of that stuff. We actually felt that our stuff had more value because you know one of us died. One of us lost a limb. You know we still carried on. It's like we're not gonna give this stuff away you know based on our history. And you know how much time and money and effort it took to make those records."

"So we were kind of adamant so we had a clause in our contract and we were able to just wait until the time was right and then we spoke with Universal our record label and they've been amazing. So we're working together and it's absolutely the right time for us to do that."

Second Delta Deep Album

"Well I'm actually recording the second Delta Deep album and we just had our live album that came out about a month ago as well. And on the G3 tour with Joe Satriani I'd actually recorded a song with Joe called Yo 2 Joe that came out last year as well."

New Tesla Album

"So it's just constantly recording and I have the Tesla album coming out that I produced and co wrote with the guys. We actually done a lot of that while we were on tour together. It really was amazing. I'm so thrilled with that one. That should be coming out in May or June."

New Def Leppard Music

"So there are a lot of presence. I'm gonna be around a lot. Also started recording new stuff for Def Leppard as well."

Co-Headlining On 2018 Tour/Little Rock Show

"Yeah every night is different. So yeah one night it's us, next night it's Journey. So I'm not sure who it is that particular night. I haven't got a list of that yet."

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