Saturday, 28th April 2018
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PHIL COLLEN Says DEF LEPPARD To Play S. America/Europe/Canada In 2019

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by New York radio and mentioned the 2019 Hysteria tour.

Phil spoke to Tigman of Q103 in Albany, NY ahead of the 23rd May show in the city.

Phil talked about staying busy, 2018 North American tour, 2019 touring, G3 tour/Delta Deep, East Coast Live album, early musical influences, digital/streaming release, Royal Albert Hall show, memories of Steve Clark, Pyromania tour, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and his health regime.

He spoke about the 2019 touring schedule and mentioned Canada specifically for the first time as well as the South American and Europe.

He had previously mentioned festivals in Europe, a return to South America and a possible US Hysteria tour. Only two shows have been scheduled in 2018 after four in 2017 and two in 2016.

The last major run of dates there was in April/May 2015 with 13 shows played.

Listen to the full 12 minute interview below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Tigman - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2018 North American Tour

"We've been trying to since we went out with them back then, you know, we've been trying to. It's just it didn't work out time wise. So it took 10 years, or 12 years, to get it together. So yeah we're thrilled about that."

2019 South America/Europe/Canada Tour

"But this is just the first part of the tour, you know, after that we got to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, England. And then next year we've got South America, Europe, Canada. So yeah this is just the start of the tour. So yeah it's pretty cool and that first parts with Journey. After that it's all these different other bands as well."

Digital/Streaming Catalogue Release

"We were just holding out 'cause we didn't just wanna release it and it disappeared like a lot of other bands. You know they didn't get paid for it. Everyone got taken advantage of and we had a clause in our contract that said that if we we're gonna release our music on a different medium we need permission first. So we wanted a few things in place before we did that."

"You know we felt there was more value in the music. One of us died, one of us lost a limb. You know we spent millions and millions of dollars and god knows how much energy and all of this stuff. Creating this music and we just felt it was more value than what people were offering us. So we held out and this was obviously the right time. So we're really excited about that. The fact that you can get our stuff on the phone now. You can get it on Spotify, Apple music and wherever you get digital stuff and. Yeah it was just the right time for it and it's perfect."

"So this tour that we're kicking off, this world tour is really to promote the whole catalogue really."

Royal Albert Hall Show

"It was probably one of the best shows we've ever done. The band was on fire. Everyone's voices was crazy. Obviously my guitar playing. I really benefited from playing on the G3 tour. So just everything about it was on fire. It was magic and Roger Daltrey from The Who asked us to do it. You know we toured with the Who last year, you know, we done a South American tour. We done a few dates with them. And Roger said: 'Hey guys would you be up for doing the Teenage Cancer Trust?'. And we're like Yeah!."

"So it was great and the Royal Albert Hall, for anyone who doesn't know, it's a 150 year old building. You know it's opposite Hyde Park and it's been home to Princes, Queens, Kings. God knows what all over the years coming there, opera, ballet, everything. So it was just an honour to play there and such an amazing event, you know, the Teenage Cancer Trust. So we had a blast. So if that's the starting point. You know if we sound that good like that, it's just gonna be insane when we get out on tour this summer."

Memories Of Steve Clark

"Not a single day actually. I think of him everyday. You know he was my best friend. And you know I've got a picture of him in the house. He's standing there. It's great you know we had a - I just think of all the great stuff. He was a unique guitar player and an absolute amazing artist. And yeah if he'd have been around we'd have been doing some amazing stuff together I'm sure you know."

"But yeah life's that way and unfortunately it took him a bit early. He was 31 when he went and there you go it just happens. But yeah not a single day goes past when I don't think about him."

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Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
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