Tuesday, 24th April 2018
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Rick Savage 2017. Bass Guitar Magazine

Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage has been interviewed and spoken about his bass guitar setup ahead of the 2018 tour.

Sav spoke to Amit Sharma of the MusicRadar website about his bass playing.

Sav talked about recording PSSOM, making the Hysteria album, Animal, Queen, his bass playing and his live equipment.

He also recalls the recording of PSSOM which came at the end of the 'Hysteria' album sessions.

This interview may come from the Bass Guitar Magazine interview published in December 2017. Photos used in that a magazine also also shown on the website.

MusicRadar - Rick Savage Interview Quotes

PSSOM Recording

“It all happened because Mutt Lange heard something there that the album didn’t have,” continues Savage, with a typically open and honest Yorkshire drawl.

“We reconvened back in the studio and finished the song in about four days… which is interesting, considering the album took five years to make! You can imagine how happy the label were to hear we were recording another song, ha ha!”

Bass Playing

“The main area where bass players go wrong is timing,” he says, appropriately as today’s interview is drawing to an end.

“It’s absolutely about having an internal clock that’s correct in itself, within the boundaries of good taste and good feel, and able to lock in with the drummer. When you’re younger, you tend to be grasping the concept of playing a good ‘feel’ groove, like playing on the back end. You tend to want to rush through to the next section, rather than sit on it.

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