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JOE ELLIOTT Hints At DEF LEPPARD Hysteria Anniversary Tour In 2018

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017

Hysteria 1987.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by Los Angeles radio yesterday and mentioned the 2018 world tour.

Joe Elliott spoke to of The Classic Rock Morning Show in Los Angeles.

Joe talked about the current 2017 tour, playing in Ontario, CA, playing live, Hysteria 30th anniversary and Uncle Joe Benson.

He mentions the anniversary of Hysteria an almost hints they may do it again on next years tour.

Joe did not mention the upcoming Hysteria album 30th anniversary reissue/special release which Phil revealed during an interview in April.

Phil last mentioned the 2018 world tour in mid-April suggesting it would visit UK/Europe, Australia, Far East as well as North America.

In the same month he suggested the In The Round could be used again which followed on from his previous news that the 2018 staging will be completely new.

Listen to the full 4 minute interview below.

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Classic Rock Morning Show - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Current 2017 Tour

"We're actually on a break at the moment. So it gets more exciting the closer you get to starting up again. We finished up in Charlotte, North Carolina about 12 days ago and we fire up again on Wednesday. So yeah it's nice to kind of take stock and sit back and watch, you know, soak up what you've done, but knowing full well there's another 17 shows coming up. And we're still out there doing it. That's the exciting thing is after all this time there's still just an enormous amount of people coming to see the band play live. We must have done something right at one stage."

Hysteria 30th Anniversary/2018 Tour

"Not this particular year no. But it's something that we may - we may look at doing. We did it four years ago. We did a run in Vegas of a month where we played the entire album. We did a 45 minute set of different stuff and then we went off for 20 minutes and came back on and played hysteria in sequence. It's out on DVD. It's not like people can't get to see it even though it's not live."

"But you know it is a consideration for if we tour next year. Even though the album was born in 1987, I don't think it really kind of came to life until 1988."

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