Wednesday, 28th June 2017
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed by Kansas City radio and the full audio is available.

Phil talked to Johnny Dare of 98.9 The Rock radio in Kansas City, MO.

Phil talked about his health and fitness on tour, the 2017 US tour, the next Tesla album, the Donington 1986 show, band friendships, other bands, 2016 Classic Rock Awards, guitar playing and Delta Deep live album/single/second studio album.

Phil once again mentioned the new Delta Deep live single 'Bless These Blues' which will be released soon along with a lyric video for YouTube.

Phil also again mentions the next Tesla album will not now be released until 2018.

He was promoting the Kansas City, MO show which took place on 21st June.

Listen to the full 12 minute interview below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

The Johnny Dare Morning Show - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2017 US Tour

"It's great having Poison and Tesla and you know one of the things about all three bands it's pretty much all the original members. Like with Poison it's the same four guys. Tesla it's the same five guys minus one you know. There was one change. You know with us it was Steve Clark passed away and Vivian joined. So you know it's the real deal. It's a celebration of integrity. It's all the guys that people used to see on MTV and that. So it's a bit better than some of the karaoke versions of bands that are going out there. Who've only got like one or no original members. So yeah it really does make a difference and the vibe of the whole tour's been amazing."

The Next Tesla Studio Album

"He's lovely and I'm actually, I'm gonna get him to work hard this afternoon. You know I'm producing the new Tesla album and we're pretty much finished it. But we changed a lyric on one of the songs. So backstage this afternoon actually I'm gonna grab Jeff and get him to sing the new words. Just on one song you know we're just touching stuff up on the album. It sounds incredible. That'll be out next year. So yeah no I love those guys. I've known them for 30 something years and they're just a great pleasure to work with them. I like joined the band really to work on this album. It's great."

Delta Deep Live Album/Single

"Yeah we're actually, we've got our live album in the can. It's our second album. That'll be coming up. We just done a lyric video. So we're just waiting for that to drop. A song called Bless These Blues which is pretty amazing. And then we start work on our second studio album which we've already got like pretty much all of it written or most of it. It's getting the time you know Robert DeLeo's I think still trying out lead singers for STP. And you know he's kinda busy so we go OK we've got three days here and we just literally have to cram it in. So that's exciting though 'cause it's a great way to do it and the band's you know just awesome. They just keep getting better as well so that's fun."

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Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
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