Saturday, 14th January 2017
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Joe Elliott's The Bridge Movie Appearance No Longer Happening

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott's appearance in The Bridge movie is now very unlikely to happen according to Ricky Warwick.

Current Black Star Riders frontman, and one of Joe's best friends, Ricky Warwick has said the project is "dead in the water".

He was speaking to Australian website about the new Black Star Riders album and was asked for an update on the status of the movie project.

He says the director Bobby Field has not been in touch with him for well over a year and there's no sign of the film being made.

Joe last mentioned this project back in April 2016 saying - "I'm supposedly gonna act in this movie that's gonna be made soon. And that to me is just an extension of what singers do anyway.".

The Bridge movie project was first announced in February 2014 with Joe set to play the role of "Ziggy".

Ricky Warwick was to have been a character called "Nathan".

According to the film's (now deleted) website it was to have been a "coming-of-age, rock-n-roll drama that chronicles the unlikely rise of small town music prodigy Luke Weaver.".

View the original crowd funding campaign and movie announcement video below posted in November 2014.

The campaign page at Indiegogo is still up with the message "closed" at the top of the page and a total of "$78,845 USD raised by 336 backers".

The Upside News - Ricky Warwick Interview Quotes

The Bridge The Movie Update

"Well, I was asked to be in it by the young fellow who was making it. He was trying to put together a crowd-funding campaign. I don’t really know what happened to it."

"That all started two to three years ago and there was a lot of fuss about it, like it was going to happen."

"I don’t know if the funding came through…it kind of just went dead in the water. I’m not stressing over it."

"I mean I got a phone call - ‘Would you like to be in a movie with Joe Elliott, Al Jourgenson and Joey Santiago?’"

"I know Joe and Joey, and Al Jourgenson from Ministry, well, obviously, great band… so I said, ‘Yeah! F**k, that sounds great!’ but, that was the limit of my involvement in it."

"[I said], ‘You know I’m not an actor, what do you need me to do?’"

"He said, ‘You will play an Irish drug dealer.’ And I thought, ‘Well I think I can actually do that!’ (Laughs)

"But then it just went quiet, unfortunately, and I never heard anything else about it. And I haven’t heard anything else about it for a year, or year and a half now. So I don’t really know where the guy is up to with the project.

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