Wednesday, 15th February 2017
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Phil Collen On 2017 Tour/Hearing Def Leppard For The First Time

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Indian radio last month and the full audio is available.

Phil spoke to DJ Steve Stuart of 104.5 WJJK Classic Hits radio in Indianapolis, IN.

Phil talked about 2017 North American tour, Poison, new Tesla album, Live From Detroit DVD, school days, early shows/guitar influences, Deep Purple album cover photo, days off on tour, general questions, fitness and the first time he heard Def Leppard.

Phil mentioned the upcoming tour and was promoting the last show on 25th June in Noblesville, IN.

He also talked enthusiastically again about the new Tesla album which is due to be released later this year and will be preceded by a few singles.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview below.

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Steve Stuart/104.5 WJJK - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2017 North American tour/Noblesville Show

"Absolutely and I think we've played that venue so many times I've got my own room now I think. It's great, love coming there. So look forward to that."

"Most of the tour is places that we actually haven't promoted our new album on. So that's - we're still actually out there promoting our 2015 DEF LEPPARD self-titled album. So yeah we figure the show is amazing and we need to spread it to as many places as we can."

Touring with Poison for the first time?

"Oh god no, a bunch of times. You know it's old buddies. The whole tour's gonna be amazing because all the bands all know each other. The crew's do so it's - so yeah it's gonna be a blast."

Producing The Tesla Album/12 Songs

"I do yes. I'm actually there right now. I'm actually up in Sacramento. We're putting the finishing touches. We've got 12 songs. It's great you know. Again it's been described as a rock version of Sgt. Pepper by The Beatles. So it's very diverse, right across the board. It sounds really - the songs are amazing, performances are great. Everything about it is just thrilling. So yeah we're all buzzed about that."

Live From Detroit DVD

"We do yeah. We, again, you saw us last year. You know I think it's the best we've been you know. Obviously it's gets better a little better every year you know we kind of keep pushing the bar. Raising the bar and pushing the boat out each time, technology gets better. So the show was phenomenal and we though we'll video it and do a thing, film it. And we chose Detroit because that was the first show to sell out on the tour and it's always been great to us. So yeah we recorded that night and that's the video so that's the DVD, it's gonna be great."

First Time He Heard Def Leppard

"I think I was on tour with my other band Girl. Before I was in Def Leppard when I heard them on British radio and I think was on a Saturday afternoon. And this new band that I'd heard of and they were from Sheffield and they were just playing them on Radio One which was like the big radio station in England at the time. Yeah that was the first time I heard them."

"The first time I heard them when I was in the band was I heard Photograph on the radio. Somewhere in the States and I can't - probably you know Atlanta. Atlanta, Georgia because that was the first show I ever played in America. So yeah it was at the Omni and we were playing sometime in '83 and I heard - here we were on the radio and it was like wow, this is crazy."

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