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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
20 Years Ago Def Leppard Slang In Singapore (Joe Elliott's Tour Diary)

Monday, 30th May 2016

Def Leppard 1996.
Singapore 1996

Def Leppard played a show on the Slang tour in Singapore, Singapore on 30th May 1996 and an archive tour diary is available to read.

The 'Slang' album had been released on 13th May 1996 and featured a slightly different sound and direction for the band.

The show took place on 30th May at the Indoor Stadium.

Joe Elliott wrote a tour diary for Q Magazine from the opening shows in South East Asia and part two is available to read.

The opening show of the tour took place in Bangkok, Thailand on 28th May.

The song 'Slang' was played live for the first time at this show after 'Truth?' had been played and then dropped after show #1.

The band had played an acoustic show in Singapore in October 1995 during the Vault promo tour.

This show was their very first electric show. The second show took place just last year during the 2015 world tour.

In his first diary entry from Bangkok, Joe mentioned how Vivian decided to jokingly buy a dress in Los Angeles ahead of the Singapore show due to the list of onstage restrictions they had received before travelling to the country.

Slang 1996.

Joe Elliott Slang Tour Diary

"Don't fancy yours much..." ...especially when "yours" is an hairsuite Irish guitarist in an ill-fitting dress. Always the open-minded one, Def Leppard's Joe Elliott takes on South East Asia at karaoke, drinks his own body weight in Scotch and worries about his father, lying in an intensive care ward back in Sheffield.

Thursday May 30 - Singapore

Hello again. Here we are in Singapore - home of the Singapore Sling. All the crew are mad for one but me, I'm not much of a gin freak so I'll stick to my Diet Coke thanx! We flew in yesterday so the schedule's not too hectic yet. The building is very modern and clean and there's no smoking, even in the dressing rooms. Yeah, right. On we go substituting Slang for Truth?, which works better. The air conditioning works a treat - too well in fact, since none of us come offstage drenched in sweat. It seemed to keep the crowd cool too, but with all the rules and regulations both band and audience have to adhere to, you got to feel for these guys who by law can't let themselves go. A bit weird.

Viv opted not to wear the dress, probably a good move. So after a brief band meeting we head off to the hotel to change for a night out. We've been invited for a bevy at the Hard Rock Cafe where we played unplugged in October '95 (check out the edition of Slang with free EP!). Myself, Sav, Viv and Malvin (band tour manager and overall Vibe merchant) slip slowly into an alcohol-induced stupor as we're asked if we want to jam with the band.

Read the full tour diary on the - Singapore Show Page

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