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Phil Collen Says Joe Elliott Is Doing Great Ahead Of Summer Tour

Wednesday, 9th March 2016

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by New Jersey radio and mentioned Joe Elliott's health.

Phil talked about the 2016 Summer Tour With REO Speedwagon/Tesla, Joe's health, the Hysteria On The High Seas cruise, Delta Deep, the DD East Coast tour, producing Tesla, and being on the Pawn Stars show.

Phil gave another update on Joe and once more says it's highly unlikely the band will do another cruise.

Listen to the full 5 minute interview via the radio link below.

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Terrie Carr/WDHA FM - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Joe Elliott's Health/Vocals

"The doctor basically said look you really do need to rest. I know we've heard that a million times in the past but if said that if you don't. You've really overdone it. We'd been out on tour for nine months and he had walking pneumonia and got a cough on top of that."

"So that was really unforeseen circumstances. Actually I had walking pneumonia as well for a while but not as bad as Joe. It was a different thing. So he just took doctors orders and it was the best thing he could have done. You know he's actually doing great now."

Hysteria On The High Seas Cruise/Not Doing One Again?

"Yeah I think it'd be a hard sell I gotta say to get back - on a boat period. I think you know everything went wrong that could have gone wrong. It was unfortunate. We lost Jimmy Bain. He passed away on the boat. The boat couldn't dock because the weather wasn't that great. It was like really rough seas and everything. So yeah we were stuck on this boat and then Joe lost his voice. Yeah a bunch of things. Overall it was a bit of a struggle."

"It was just bad luck that all those things happened for us. It kind of made it seem a little worse than it would normally be. So there you go. Life happens I guess you know. That's what happened."

Producing Tesla/Pawn Stars Story

"Yeah that was great. You know what was really funny. I was up in Sacramento - I'm actually producing the new Tesla album as well. So just to add to that. So me and Brian Wheat were in Starbucks and this girl and she's like 20 years old. She goes you look familiar. And you know we obviously get that a lot. So me and Brian we look at each other and like yeah it's the band. She says are you an artist?. Do you paint guitars?. I think I saw you on TV. So she had no idea about the Def Leppard thing. She's seen me painting guitars. So that was pretty cool."

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