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Vivian Campbell Reflects On The Hysteria On The High Seas Cruise

Saturday, 26th March 2016

Vivian Campbell 2016.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by The Classic Metal show and mentioned the Hysteria cruise.

Vivian talked about Last In Line, Jimmy Bain's death, the Heavy Crown album, Andrew Freeman, playing heavy style music again, the history if the band, Thin Lizzy, their future plans, the Hysteria On The High Seas cruise, the Grammys/Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and how Ronnie James Dio affected his career.

Listen to the full 17 minute interview below (the last 8 minutes or so of the MP3 is silence).

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

The Classic Metal Show - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Hysteria On The High Seas Cruise

"It didn't go well from a number of angles. At least the ship didn't sink!. It would be unfair to judge it on that experience. I mean it was a very unique set of circumstances that didn't play out well. For either band. Def Leppard or Last In Line."

"Joe lost his voice. We ended up doing the most bizarre and unusual Def Leppard show in the history of the band where Joe didn't sing a note. And Phil and I sang and Kip Winger and Eric Martin sang a bit. And who really knocked it out of the park was Andrew Freeman from Last In Line. He got up and he knew all the lyrics. I guess Andrew used to be in a Def Leppard cover band years ago. He was very, very comfortable doing it. So that was in and of itself that was bizarre."

Jimmy Bain's Death On The MSC Divina

"What made it really, really, really strange was that literally about 45 minutes before we went on stage to do that show. We found Jimmy dead in the cabin. And Joe said to me. He said to me let's cancel the show. You don't have to go on stage if you don't want to. But I insisted on doing it because one thing I knew about Jimmy was he would have wanted me to get on stage and play that night. You know the show goes on."

"And then the next day we were supposed to have the Last In Line performance on the ship. We ended up Andrew and Vinny and myself. We did a - together with Eddie Trunk, we did a memorial for Jimmy. You know we just set up on stage and showed some videos and pictures and told stories about Jimmy. It was very cathartic actually because we were still just in complete shock."

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