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Def Leppard Discuss The Recording Of The New Album Part One

Friday, 1st January 2016

Def Leppard 2015.
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Def Leppard were interviewed last year by Classic Rock and talked about the making of the new album.

They talked about how the album started during the first session in February 2014 and the next two sessions. Plus Vivian's health.

Part one of the two part interview is now available and lasts for 8 minutes.

Watch the full interview on YouTube along with all the other album related videos so far released.

Visit the Album News section. For more news on new music (based on band member quotes) dating back to January 2011.

Classic Rock - Interview Quotes

Rick Savage

"The beginnings of the new record - we decided to just get together for one month. Some of us had got some songs written and some of us had got just ideas. And we just thought look, we're not gonna finish an album in a month but let's get together in the studio. See what comes out of it. But don't go beyond the month. Let's try and do as much as we can."

Rick Allen

"And it was great. We all got together and listened to everybody's ideas and then just picked them off one at a time. The ones that we wanted to go in and start working on. We all got in one room together and you know just laid them down as a band."

Rick Savage

"It was kind of done in stages. Of essentially three periods of a month long of building the album. And it was kind of nice to do that. There was no pressure. You could learn to live with the ideas as they were progressing. You weren't losing a perspective by having to day after day after month after month go through the same sort of songs. So it was a really nice sort of way of letting the album grow in a natural way."