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Vivian Campbell/Last In Line Heavy Crown Online Album Review 10

Tuesday, 19th January 2016

Heavy Crown 2015.

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell and his side band Last In Line release the Heavy Crown album next month and a 10th online review is available.

Vivian's side band will release their debut album Heavy Crown on 19th February and album reviews are now available.

My Global Mind have reviewed the album.

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My Global Mind - Album Review Quotes

"Starmaker more than tips its hat to classic Dio, so much so, I could only picture Ronnie singing it. From start to finish, itís a magical nostalgic trip back to the golden era of one of metals finest bands. One listen to the chorus and youíll be on-board. Burn This House Down serves up a tasty mix of modern and classic metal. Thatís mainly due to the versatility in Freemanís pipes, but thereís no denying the chorus is unashamedly 80ís metal. A standout track it ainít, but it well dodges the filler category."

"I Am Revolution picks up where Martyr left off, but with a little bit more stodge in its veins. Campbell gives a bruising master class that must have had his Gibson pleading for mercy. Appice and Bain prove that they are still the powerhouse rhythm section they always were, as this fearsome rocker bares its teeth throughout and takes absolutely no prisoners. Blame It On Me takes the album to a dark place with some serious haunting vibes. Probably best to put this one on repeat for a bit, itís not one youíll warm to straight off. But after a while, you will feel it take a welcome grip on you."

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