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Joe Elliott Says David Bowie's Death Was Absolutely Devastating

Monday, 1st February 2016

Joe Elliott/David Bowie 1999.
Dublin October 1999

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Joe Benson for Off The Record and mentioned David Bowie.

Joe talked about recording the new album in three sections, the tracklisting, the songs - Man Enough/Let's Go, Dangerous/Battle Of My Own, famous fans/influences, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, the 2016 tour, being away from home and playing with Styx.

Joe was asked again about his reaction to the recent death of David Bowie who passed away on 10th January. He was also asked about touring.

Listen to an audio clip from the interview below.

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Off The Record - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

David Bowie's Death

"I was absolutely devastated. You can only imagine what his daughter. His son. His wife and his millions of fans around the world to wake up to that news that he passed away it was immense. It was - this is my Elvis. You know I'd never. I was aware of who Elvis was but he wasn't my generation but Bowie is my generation. my Elvis. So this is one of those things. It's like people say in years to come where were you when Bowie died. You know it was - he's been part of my life since I was 12. 44 years I don't think there's been a day gone by I've not played at least one of his songs."

"Argh it's really devastating. You know obviously his family comes first but his fans obviously come second. And it's almost like he played his death out as a piece of because you listen to the lyrics on Blackstar with hindsight and it is a goodbye letter almost."

The 2016 Tour/Being On the Road

"It's my second home. It'll never be home because you're never. You don't have all your creature comforts. It's a lot easier these days. Me and Phil often joke about the fact that we used to on the 80s carry around literally a suitcase full of CDs because you've knew you were gonna be away from home for so long. These days it all fits on to a little metal thing the size of a packet of cigarettes and you can take it around. In fact you don't even need an iPod anymore. It's all in the cloud. So that part of it, you know the music part of it, is easy but you can't always have your family with you and your friends and your parents or you know your brothers and sisters. It's all - you become Skype Daddy and all that kind of stuff and that's hard. But touring is fun you know I mean you have to accept the fact that when you sign the contract mentally and physically you're going out there to entertain people all over the world. And that in itself is a gift you know. It's a blessing to be able to do it and to be able to do it for as long as we've been doing it. There's no complaints from any of us."

Touring With Styx

"Well I think it's a good acknowledgement to what we are. Both bands are - they're very different. There's a lot more keyboard stuff in say Styx. It's very intricate kind of arrangements in that respect. Whereas ours is a bit more hard rock if you like than Styx are. But they compliment each other. The two bands I believe. And I think the fact that they're a 70s band and we're deemed an 80s band. I think the fact that it jumps a generation. I think that's a part of it. It's like a lesson there. You know there's like parents bring their kids and the parents might be more into Styx and the kids might be more into us. And then they leave going you know what I really enjoyed both. An education as well as entertainment if you like you know. One way of looking at it."

"I just think the fact that they've got these songs that still get played on the radio all the time like we do. That's why it bonds well and I mean there are many bands that could do this. Most bands don't seem to want to go out with name acts. It's something that we did on the Hysteria tour. Even when Hysteria was doing what it did. We had bands Queensryche, Europe, Tesla you know opening for us. And these were all bands that were selling multi million. Going multi platinum on their albums. It just makes for a better night if that 45 minutes is somebody that you know. I mean the audience from the first moment that they come on till the minute we finish. There's a lot of music going on."

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