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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Joe Elliott Says Def Leppard Summer Tour Will Have Around 40 Shows

Friday, 19th February 2016

Sunrise, FL 2016.
Screenshot by dltouristory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed last month by Ralph Tortora and mentioned the upcoming summer tour.

Joe talked about the self title of the new album, the running order, Let's Go, Dangerous, Man Enough, Forever Young, musical influences, Blind Faith, the 2016 tour with Styx/Tesla and the summer tour.

This interview was done before the January/February tour dates happened.

Listen to the full 11 minute interview below.

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Ralph Tortora - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

2015/2016 Touring With Styx/Tesla

"Yeah we did 60 shows just about - together last summer and it went so well that we were asked to actually extend the tour. So we Japan and Australia and the UK already booked. So there was no way that we could change things round. But it was just you know it was very flattering because the tour was so successful that they wanted us to come back out and do more shows. It was a great opportunity for us to be promoting the new record. So you know more power really. I'm just very glad that these guys were still available to do it. It's been a really good tour to have those two bands touring with us. They're lovely people. Great bands and the audience seems to really dig the fact that we're all different generations all mixed in together in one evening."

2016 North American Touring

"We WE are hoping to come back in the summer again as well. Some time towards the end of June for you know maybe a 40 shows worth or so. That's not nailed down yet and I don't know who it would be with. But we absolutely still wanna keep promoting this record."

"So yeah it's absolutely a blessing and a gift to be able to do this all this time after the first album came out. You know a lot of bands that started out when we did. Spilt up years ago or are playing bowling alleys or you know there's barely an original member left. We are as close as you can get to the real thing in that respect. So you know it's a great thing to be able to do this and it feel authentic."

Running Order/Let's Go

"Yeah once we got the running order sorted out we kinda knew, and the way we were gonna present this thing. When we went with Let's Go as first song. We were hoping that people that had never heard the song if they were in their car or where ever they were. This thing came on and they'd go wow that really sounds like Def Leppard. Which is what we wanted people to say because when they - if it got back announced they'd go oh it was Def Leppard. Must be a new record coming out."

"And so you know with Let's Go and Dangerous. We specifically wanted those two songs at the front of the record because they make the statement that like we're back. We've been away for seven years and this is who we are and this is what we do. But after that it does go off in a little bit of a tangent here and there. It's still very much a rock record but we let a few other things shine through."

Blind Faith

"Blind Faith you know that was a very important song to us. It was the one talking point of the running order thing. Where we did have obviously opinions that didn't necessarily all match up at first because five different people have got five different ideas. There's two ways of looking at a song like Blind Faith. You either put it in the middle and use it as your center point of the record. Or you do it like Stairway To Heaven or Freebird where it's the last track on the album. And you aim towards it. And we chose to do it that way because a) vinyl as much as it's coming back into fashion is never gonna be the biggest part of what we sell. You know the album has to flow as a piece without a half time if you like. Without a swap over and so we decided rather than center piecing that song we would make it like if that's the last thing we ever record, it's a great way to go out because it's so dynamically different to most things that we do. Yet still within the scope of what Def Leppard can do."

Last Song You'll Ever Record?

"Again that's what you do. I mean that's the beauty of drama and art you know. It's like is this the last thing they ever do?. Who knows?. I'm saying that to you now because we all know that life being what it is. Look at David Bowie. Nobody thought he would be gone as soon as he is. And he's gone forever. You know what I mean. It's like things happen. I'm hoping that we make many more records. Of course I do but if - IF, it is the last thing we ever recorded. It's a great way to go out. But I don't think it will be the last thing we ever do."

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