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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard 2016 Recap Part 4 (April/Side Bands/Record Store Day)

Tuesday, 27th December 2016

Def Leppard 2016.

A recap of all things Def Leppard in the year 2016 continuing with the month of April.

Another eventful year for the band is about to end and these updates look back at the major events that took place this year.

Featuring links to past news stories.

In April the music world continued to lose more people including Prince, one of Phil Collen's biggest influences.

Phil previewed the new 2016 tour and revealed future plans for his band Manraze to release new material.

Vivian's band Last In Line returned to play live shows with a new line-up and he revealed plans to make a new studio album with an old side band.

The Record Store Day picture disc version of the current DEF LEPPARD album was released in the UK/Germany.

Visit the Album News section. For more news on new music (based on band member quotes) dating back to January 2011.

Manraze 2009.

1st April 2016 - Phil Collen Says Manraze Working On Best Of Album Release/New Material - Read More

Phil revealed that Manraze are working on a new song to be included on a 'Best Of' release compiling the best songs from their two studio albums.

Phil Collen quote - "I think we're working on getting a Best Of album out and then maybe some new stuff will follow."

Vivian Campbell 2016.

3rd April 2016 - Vivian Campbell On Def Leppard 2017 Album Recording Plans - Read More

Vivian gave another update on plans for the band to record more new material in 2017 and a second Last In Line album.

Vivian Campbell quote - "2017 who knows what that's gonna bring. Probably another Def Leppard record to be honest. And maybe, like I said if there's interest, another Last In Line album. You know that's kind of enough projects for me for now."

Vivian Campbell 2016.

4th April 2016 - Vivian Campbell Hints At Def Leppard Pyromania Las Vegas Residency - Read More

Vivian hinted at a return to Las Vegas for a Pyromania residency when discussing the lack of a Las Vegas date on the Summer Tour 2016. Plans for this return appear to be on hold for now.

Vivian Campbell quote - "Well you know why that is. That's because we still wanna come back and do another residency. Well we definitely - we have an open invitation to come back when it suits us."

Heavy Crown 2016.

4th April 2016 - Vivian Campbell Says Last In Line Will Consider Future In 2017 - Read More

Following Jimmy Bain's death in January Vivian suggests Last In Line will be on hold until late 2016/early 2017 before considering their future. After a few shows in April/May they would return for a longer tour in Oct/Nov/Dec.

Vivian Campbell quote - "It gives us several months to even think it over. You know Vinny and Andrew and myself and to consider whether or not we wanna continue in the long term."

Sunrise, FL 2016.

5th April 2016 - Joe Elliott Says He's About To Give His Vocals A Shout Again - Read More

Joe reveals he's about to test out his singing voice again at full strength ahead of the tour.

Joe Elliott quote - "I was warned having seen a couple of throat doctors that I needed to take four to six weeks off. So it's about now that I start giving it a shout again. But other than that everything else is fine you know. It's just - it just needed a rest."

Vivian Campbell 2011.

7th April 2016 - Vivian Campbell To Make A New Album With Old Band Riverdogs - Read More

Vivian reveals plans to record a new album with his old side band Riverdogs.

Vivian Campbell quote - "There is another band that I used to be in many, many years ago that I am getting together with next week to start writing for a new record. I can't mention who it is yet but it is one of my past projects and we are kind of getting back together and we have been offered a record deal."

Def Leppard 2016.

16th April 2016 - Def Leppard Record Store Day 2LP Picture Disc Released Today In UK/GER - Read More

The double vinyl picture disc version of the current DEF LEPPARD album was released in the UK and Germany to celebrate Record Store Day.

News quotes - "Only available in-store from 8am on Saturday 16th April. Any remaining stock will be available online from midnight of Saturday 23rd April. Limited to 1000 copies."

"For Record Store Day 2016 this phenomenal album is being made available in a limited edition, double-vinyl picture disc format."

Last In Line 2016.

21st April 2016 - Vivian Campbell/Last In Line 2016 Las Vegas, NV Setlist/Photos/Videos - Read More

Vivian's Last In Line band played a show in Las Vegas, NV to celebrate the release of the debut album 'Heavy Crown'. The first full show played since Jimmy Bain's death and first to feature new members Phil Soussan (bass) and Erik Norlander (keyboards).

Phil Collen 2014.

27th April 2016 - Phil Collen Says 2016 Def Leppard Tour Will Have New Stage/Songs - Read More

Phil gives a preview of the new Summer Tour 2016 staging and setlist changes.

Phil Collen quote - "The stage set's gonna be different. The song choice is gonna be slightly different. It's gonna look different and you know we're gonna be doing some of these new songs."

Prince 2004.

27th April 2016 - Phil Collen Says Prince Was An Amazing Live Performer - Read More

Phil pays tribute to Prince during two radio interviews following his death on 21st April aged 57 and talked about meeting him in 1986.

Phil Collen quote - "And Prince was so amazing that you know even his worst night would sound like someone's produced album or something."

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