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Phil Collen Says Manraze Working On Best Of Album Release/New Material

Friday, 1st April 2016

Manraze 2009.
Manraze 2009

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Leslie Derrough and mentioned new Manraze album plans.

Phil talked about Joe's vocal issues/recovery, Delta Deep, new Manraze music and an archive album release, the current Def Leppard studio album, Wings Of An Angel, writing songs, David Bowie, older overlooked studio albums, MTV, Tesla and older songs - BOTH, Photograph, Love Bites, Rock Of Ages and MYIAH.

Phil once again mentioned new album plans for Manraze although he suggests it will be a Best Of release. New music is also being worked on.

Phil had already hinted at new Manraze plans last month when speaking to Downtown Magazine NYC.

The band's last release was the I Surrender E.P. in November 2013.

September 2015 marked ten years since the band's first live show in London, England at The Spitz club.

In related Manraze news, drummer Paul Cook recently performed with ex-The Verve singer Richard Ashcroft at an awards show in London, England. He played drums during Richard's performance of the classic 'Bittersweet Symphony' at the MPG Awards on 3rd February.

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Songfacts - Phil Collen Interview Quote

Manraze Album Plans

"Funny you should ask that. We're actually working on that now. I think we're working on getting a Best Of album out and then maybe some new stuff will follow."

Downtown Magazine NYC - March 2016 Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Manraze/Cybernauts New Music Plans/Tesla

"All the above. Man Raze, were looking at releasing an album. Im doing the new Tesla album, producing that. Thats underway at the moment. As for the Cybernauts, weve been promising that for years. Weve actually pretty much got all the songs. Weve got to record three more. Weve got some bass tracks from Trevor Bolder, who passed away. Woody Woodsmansey is going to play drums. Im going to play guitar and Joe [Elliott] has already done some acoustics and vocals, so its just a matter of us getting the time."

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