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2 Years Ago Joe Elliott's Down 'n' Outz Further Adventures Of Album Released

Thursday, 21st April 2016

Down 'n' Outz 2014.

The Down 'n' Outz featuring Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott released their second album The Further Adventures Of... two years ago today in 2014.

The Further Adventures Of... featured covers of Mott The Hoople and Mott songs.

The follow up to 2010's My ReGeneration was is still available from Amazon and iTunes (featuring two bonus tracks) .

Joe played seven songs from the album on his Planet Rock radio show on 19th April 2014 ahead of the release.

The album was released a day later in North America. Co-Producer Ronan McHugh also posted a photo of the CD at the time.

The first single Rock And Roll Queen had been issued on 14th April as a digital only release and promo video.

The band feature Joe on lead vocals/keyboards, Paul Guerin (guitars), Guy Griffin (guitars), Phil Martini (drums), Keith Weir (piano/keyboards), touring bassist Share Ross and guest Sinead Madden (fiddle).

A third album of all original material is planned and a new 2CD/DVD live release from Sheffield 2014 is due this summer.

Joe Elliott - April 2014 Interview Quote

"I just drew up a list of songs. They were quite content to just let me get on with it. They said, "Whatever you want to do, we'll do it." Then I picked all these songs that I thought were the ones we needed to do. I didn't even want to do, you know, the obvious things like "All The Way From Memphis," "All the Young Dudes," and "Roll Away the Stone." I wanted to go into the things like "Violence" and "Marionette," the stuff that you just don't hear anymore. They're phenomenal songs. I thought, well, if maybe just for five minutes us doing it shines a light on these songs so people go "Wow, I can't believe those songs are from 1973-4 and then they go back and check out the originals, then job done, you know?"

Joe Elliott - April 2014 Interview Quotes

"We spent as much time on them as necessary. I wanted it to be tight but loose, because its not Def Leppard. Its not supposed to be an ultrasonically polished 21st century shining example of production and all of that stuff. I wanted to be able to use good production but not massive production. I mean, you learn, when you work with Mutt Lange for 11 years, some of it rubs off and then youve got your own theories and your own methods and your own things that you want to try."

"This is a great example of being able to get really good songs, obviously better than Mott could achieve themselves, just because technology has evolved not their lack of ability, but 16-track studios in those days were a luxury. Now today, if somebody went in a 16-track studio, theyd be complaining about it. But yeah, the Quireboys, who basically the Down n Outz are, are a kind of Stonesy/Faces type band, so there is a type of looseness to their playing, anyway which is magnificent for what this project is. But at the same time, we have the ability to tie things up where it needs to be."

The Further Adventures Of... 2014.

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