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Sunday, 17th May 2015

Vilnius, Lithuania - Media Reviews

Lithuania forgot Def Leppard: Rock returning veterans listened to Vilnius 8 thousand People By Karolis Vysniauskas

On Sunday evening in Vilnius Siemens Arena has become a classic rock the house here has performed one of the most popular rock bands of all time British Def Leppard. During the 38 years of this it was already their third concert in the Lithuanian capital.

The group flew in Vilnius on Saturday. Vilnius was the first show "Def Leppard concert in Europe after a seven-year break. Concerts in Europe organized a group warm up even thirteen appearances in Canada during April and May.

"The rock gods" are often featured in the group could see fans Lithuania in 2003. Sports Palace in 2008. here the Siemens Arena.

Vilnius audience - better than Montreal

"I remember the audience and their reactions. People were very, very warm. They came minded rock. For us it was very important. When people come to rock, the energy we take over and being on stage "- an interview before the concert guitarist DELFI said Viviane Campbell.

After the concert, he would probably do the same. Although the annual Def Leppard legend aging arena was almost full - organizer data, listened to the concert about 8 thousand. people.

"The last Canadian tour we have done quite a concert in Montreal. There is usually the audience is especially famous. But it seems to me that today you outscored them "- listeners Joy said vocalist Joe Elliott. Hearing his words had accompanied the deafening noise in the arena did not seem that he grazbyliautu.

The group did not spare the audience hits. It began with the early years created "Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) "and" Animal ", then the time has come and the iconic" Love Bites, "" Pour Some Sugar on Me "and a number of others.

Each song was accompanied by huge LED screens display visualizations. They found a place in the social field: the song "Paper Sun" was displayed war images.

Amid the hit "Hysteria" screens one after the other group evolved archival photographs, magazine covers, with their images, video clips of the early concerts, thus again causing nostalgia for the old rock fans: now creating such music groups as Def Leppard "is no longer in practice, especially since such popularity reached.

The drummer played without one arm

The group is not so well familiar to listeners impressed with drummer Rick Allen. 9th in the middle of the decade, "Def Leppard" reached first fame, he got into a car accident and was left without hands. However, this did not prevent him to continue to play - a single hand and feet. The concert in Vilnius during Mr Allen not only played all the songs without leaking any clock, but by the drum solo.

Respite he and other members of the group received only during the ballad "Two Steps Behind" - it played a singer with an acoustic guitar while singing to the audience. Vocalist stirs listeners not only singing, but also including commentaries, sometimes unexpected. For example, after one of the songs he congratulated Lithuania's accession to the eurozone.

"See you next time. And next time definitely will "- assured" Def Leppard singer goodbye. - Do not forget us and we won't forget you.

"Rebelheart" stirred up with "the long way"

Concert mood gave it started Lithuanian rock band Rebelheart. Def Leppard "them - some inspiration.

"I remember some of Def Leppard" I heard for the first time. It was about 1981-1982 years, listening to Polish radio. Head unveiled their new album and began to play a few songs. The music is then sounded inconceivably good and clean. Remarkably, the high the bar has passed all group almost 40 years. To heat them is a great honor for us, "- he said before the concert to the media for 20 years playing" Rebelheart bassist Regimantas Turuta.

Coincidentally, after almost ten years, last year released a new "Rebelheart album is called" Mystery - almost as famous as Def Leppard album, 1987's "Hysteria."

During the half-hour in length performance electric guitars converted into acoustic "Rebelheart" performed well: their rock - melodic and Def Leppard "listeners close their styling. And the show ended the song "Long Road stadium sang along as if" Rebelheart and evening are the main culprits.

Next stop - Warsaw

Total Def Leppard "account has sold over 100 million records. They were one of the first groups, famous at the time thanks to the new media - the TV channel MTV. Having started as a simple guys from the industrial city of Sheffield in the United Kingdom they have become one of the most famous rock groups in history. 9th decade of Def Leppard was selling the most records rock band music in the context of the overall popularity went down only to Michael Jackson.

Among the biggest hits of the group - the song "Pour Some Sugar on Me", "Animal", "Love Bites", "Hysteria." The latest Def Leppard album, "Songs From The Sparkle Lounge - already seven years old, but already this year A new group entry. True, in Vilnius, his songs still does not ring - group promised new songs to play only after the album's release.

Vilnius Def Leppard "avoids - on Tuesday for their concert in Poland, Warsaw. Later, the group will continue its tour of the Czech Republic, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

By Delfi 2015 - Translated.

Lithuania raging rockers Def Leppard concert By TV3 | Original

Musical weekend continues. After the Old Town Street Music Day, residents of the capital and the city chose to Siemens Arena. Vilnius Sunday evening took place stage grands Def Leppard concert.

Before legendary performers when climbing on stage, the audience and opened for riot forced the Lithuanian rock band Rebelheart. Rock veterans have shown exceptional confidence in his fans, and allowed them to self-select group. Upcoming concert participants considered when choosing between long Marijono Mikutavicius and Rebelheart. Finally the latter the right heat Def Leppard. "Just finding out that heat Def Leppard, I remembered the moment when I heard about them for the first time. It was about 1981-1982 years, listening to Polish radio. Head unveiled their new album High 'n Dry and began to play some songs from it. The music is then sounded inconceivably good and clean. It is amazing that such a high the bar group passed all these 40 years. Heating them, a great honor for us, "- says Rebelheart group member Regimantas Turuta. "Rebelheart is played and the number of foreign artists - they chose their concerts Marilyn Manson, Lenny Kravitz, Rod Stewart, New Model Army, Bruce Dickinson Band and other musicians.

By TV3 2015 - Translated.

Rock legends Def Leppard concert - compliments audiences and promise to return soon By Monika Sveryte | Original

Rock music lovers this Sunday in May - special. After a seven-year break, he returned to Lithuania, the legendary British group Def Leppard. The capital Siemens arena they held a grand sound, video and light show.

It is obvious that almost four decades ago gathered together a group of lost popularity to this day - listen to music veterans gathered almost full stadium of people. Among them - young people and older with Def Leppard 'songs grown up, the fans did not miss the concert and elegantly dressed ladies and motorcycles to the event atriedeje rockers.

Here it was possible to agree and not one of the neighbors who came foreign music lovers. Not surprisingly, rockers show in Vilnius - the first stop of their tour through Europe list. Moreover - the first after seven-year break from 2008 nekoncertavo group on the continent. The news even before the concert "Def Leppard" and shared with their fans. Social networking vocalist Joe Elliott distributed message, which declared unable to get the show in Vilnius and thanking the fans for their support.

Rockers concert was preparing responsibly. To keep things balanced to the last detail they even arrived the day before and the night before the show were left to sleep Lithuania.

As promised, the Def Leppard concert, special attention was given to not only sound, but also the visual part of the show. 400 square meters of the stage, the crowd of spectators stretched podium, five massive screens, with a total performance time viewers attention KAUSTA original projections. Everything had to be perfect.

High bar for their performances did not avoid bearing rockers supplement and personal wish list. Concert organizers were asked to take care of first-class food and drink, locker rooms allow Def Leppard "enjoy favorite movies and music.

Yet even before the main stars of the evening, the scene of several works Lipo Rebelheart. One of the most prominent Lithuanian rock bands "warm up" the British show was chosen not just for themselves wanted to Def Leppard. "To heat them is a great honor for us," - even a few days ago said koletyvo member Regimantas Turuta.

Which lasted about half an hour of the program sounded so recent, the last album, "Mystery works, both older team songs. But perhaps the most applause already attracted almost a calling card of already well become the ballad "The Way to you." Arena shines out hundreds of torch light, chorus and the audience went along.

A little after 21 pm. to the scene and took themselves Def Leppard. Audience lights dimmed loud applause greeted the British. From the first seconds of the concert it was not difficult to believe that Vilnius rock legends have set a specific room.

In general, these wolves rock energy can only envy. Most members of the group already exceeded its sixth decade, but all they could boldly compete with half younger counterparts.

Eternally youthful J.Elliottas, trained body display does not avoid the darling of women's guitarist Phil Collen, bassist Rick Savage'as guitar virtuoso Vivian Campbell and drummer Rick Allen. So today, "Def Leppard" train.

Thundered the scene thunderous guitars, musicians repeatedly changed costumes. Eye and went to the microphone stand and a guitar attached P.Colleno British flag. It was formed in 1977 in Sheffield group also reminded of his native country.

At the concert the audience "Def Leppard" played the most popular group of works. Already at the beginning of the evening rang lyriskasis "Love Bites" and soon the audience properly knocked hit "Pour Some Sugar On Me." Performers his fans spared no time-tested musical gems, among them - "Armageddon It", "Animal", "Hysteria," "Rocket," "Rock On," and many others.

J.Elliottas repeatedly thanked audiences assuring that there is a very good return. Concert persirita in the second half he even playfully told that the city it is a bit like Montreal. "This is our first tour of Europe Day. Recently toured Canada, the concert here reminds us of Montreal "- joked vocalist.

Around one and a half hour concert lasted Def Leppard "stirred and those in early favorite songs listened quietly sit back seats. The team climbed the stage twice, the audience were able to issireikalaui replay. Returning musicians presented the team members and will soon again rocked the arena song "Rock of Ages."

Goodbye J.Elliottas promised - Def Leppard "still definitely come back here. Let us hope that the concert will be held in Lithuania faster than even after seven years. The group will soon present and their new, recently completed recording studio album, which completed the recording before the start of the worldwide tours. So far last album "Songs from the Sparkle Lounge" was released in 2008 and received huge popularity.

After the concert in the Siemens Arena in Vilnius rockers avoids long. Already on Tuesday for their performance in Warsaw. By the beginning of June musicians plan to visit several Czech, German cities, later brought to Scandinavia.

By Zmones 2015 - Translated.

Def Leppard Vilnius complete coverage of the arena By Tomas Gukauskas | Original

In the heart of an extinct Lithuania goes only to pop and rock music stars? Some truth in this statement really is. On the other hand, is out star can shine in such a way that their old fans in one stroke through electric guitar strings will move 30 years ago and will trigger memories of tape recorders, school discos and first love.

It seems that Sunday evening in Vilnius koncertavusiai British rock band Def Leppard, it all worked. It is nowadays far nekaraliauja radio stations hit parade, and it seems that understanding the musicians Lithuanians did not attempt to prove that they are creating something new and original. They Siemens arena uzpildziusiems compatriots by proven recipe: "Play what makes people gathered, and everything will be fine."

Let's be frank: the audience gathered to hear two commercially (and musical sense) the most successful Def Leppard albums - 1983's "Pyromania" and 1987's "Hysteria" - songs. And she received them. And was satisfied. Even great.

From the very first song "deflepardai" made it clear that the concert will return to the ninth decade of the last century - Rock Rock ('Til You Drop) "(from" Pyromania ")," Animal "(from" Hysteria "). This was followed by two three newer songs, but most of emotion caused precisely those two albums of hits - "Love Bites," "Rocket," "Fool '...

Apogee - the sound is clear, "charts the charts" - "Hysteria" with archival nearly 30-year-old frame the scene screens. Like a hint - how young we were. In fact, looking at the mannequin on the podium steps walking Kolen guitarist Phil (Phil Collen) abdominal hard to believe that his 57-eri, but here the hair on your head is already much less.

But all this - only the image of the nuances. Who cares that the second guitarist Vivjanas Campbell (Vivian Campbell), joined the group in 1992, after the main songwriter Steve Clark (Steve Clark) death walks with 10 cm small commercial vehicle? ..

The British played in such a way that no one can argue with the statement "Excellence nepragersi. The emotional charge is maintained until the end - "Pour Some Sugar on Me", and vocalist Joe Elliott (Joe Elliott) wish to Vilnius: "Good evening!"

Understand - everything. Everything? None of the devil. This is - a small ploy before the actual end of "Rock of Ages" and "Photograph." And then - of the real end. To bow to the audience before the crowd came out - and bassist Sevidzas Rico (Rick Savage), and a unique one-armed drummer Allen Rico (Rick Allen). And promise to keep in mind Lithuania - Lithuania only if they will not forget. When guessing the violent crowd reactions, probably not.

By the way, Vilnius "Def Leppard" visited after 13 concert tour in Canada. The concert in the Siemens Arena - their first tour in Europe. After our country will follow in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the end of June the group moved to America, where they will wait for a concert in Puerto Rico and 61 show the United States. Later - again Europe: Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

It seems, deflepardu "keep in mind not only the Lithuanians ...

By Bakarn Expressas 2015 - Translated.

Def Leppard fans raged rock legends concert By LT Life | Original

On Sunday evening, even the nearly full Siemens Arena in Vilnius walls you could hear the drone of guitars. Here, after a seven-year hiatus he visited the rock legends Def Leppard. Organiser data concert watched by about 8 thousand people. Rock veterans gathered to listen and the older generation who have grown up or adolescence spent with these rockers songs and adolescents appreciate the music of previous generations.

The attendance listeners grabbed a T-shirt and gift merchandise with the group and just eight in the scene group Rebelheart. Def Leppard has shown a special trust concert participants and allowed them to choose apsildanciaja group. In the main fight between Marijono Mikutavicius and Rebelheart defeated the latter. After making both Lithuanian and English of his works, Lithuanians finally took the acoustic guitar and sang her biggest hit, "The way to you." The song went together and all the Siemens Arena, weighed down lighter and light sea. After a good half-hour to the scene took the evening star "Def Leppard".

And if anyone had doubts whether the British star of Lithuania still lit, is this concert they had to disappear - only uzlipusius the scene "Def Leppard" met with a deafening noise and plaudits. Some students said that the visit not only the previous dinosaur rock concerts Lithuania Sports Palace in 2003. and the Siemens Arena in 2008. but also watched them in other countries. Seven years have passed, not only since the last time the group has performed in Vilnius, but since when was the last concert in Europe. Performance in the Siemens Arena, the group began a concert tour in Europe. On Saturday, the group flew to Vilnius directly from Canada, where in April - May, even held thirteen performances.

Rock greats from the organizers always require the highest quality. This concert was built 400 square meters of the stage, installed 120 square meters LED screen, two screens hung scenes on the sides. The legendary singer Joe Elliot power generation of fans delighted the performance of specially mounted the podium, took the solo instrumentalists performing group. Listeners heard already famous 38 year-old group works - "Animal," Hysteria, "" Love Bites "and, of course," Pour Some Sugar On Me. " At work, hold the entire Siemens arena on foot up band members parted briefly fled from the scene. The crowd and slapped its demanding return "Def Leppard" performed two more songs. "See you next time. And it certainly will, "- said goodbye vocalist. "Do not forget us, and we will not forget you," - added, apparently welcoming the stormy applause of the audience.

Already on Tuesday the group for a concert in Poland, Warsaw. The tour will continue in the Czech Republic, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

By LT Life 2015 - Translated.

Media Review - Vilnius third time rocked the rock gods "Def Leppard" By Auguste Spokaite | Original

True rock fans this evening, chose the capital of the Siemens Arena. Fans in the crowd had a unique opportunity to see their gods - one of the world's most famous rock band Def Leppard. Groups Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd popular landing Def Leppard concert during stormy music fans drown at sea - by a group of his cult, timeless creations.

The concert crowd of Lithuanians "Def Leppard" a pleasure of the most popular works: "Love Bites," "Pour Some Sugar On Me," "Armageddon It", "Animal", "Hysteria," "Women," "Rocket," "Rock of Ages "and many others.

One of the most successful teams in the history of rock music come together again in 1977, in Sheffield, Great Britain. Def Leppard has much to be proud - two studio albums have been sold to more than 10 million copies. In the twelfth album "Hysteria" songs, even seven to become the world singles. Since 1987, the song "Love Bites" became the group.

Although Def Leppard's history there have been many painful occurrences, today they are still together. On the strength of speak and the fact that the concert in Philadelphia at the time they were able to withstand even tornadoes.

"The group Def Leppard - no longer a beginner. It's like a trip back in 30 years, but without a time machine. Then their music sounded karsciausiuosee Music "charts", they practically "lived MTV, and teenagers members of the group were extraordinary authority. It has become fashionable to grow long hair and wearing torn jeans, "- said" Seven Live General Manager Juras Vezelis.

All the world loved and almost worshiped group Def Leppard 'last appearance in Lithuania in 2008. time not only left indifferent, but also gave additional joy in the front row stood in the audience - Guitarist they threw their shirts decorated with the name of the group and members of the pictures.

By Alfa 2015 - Translated.


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