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Vivian Campbell Says New Single Due In Next Couple Of Weeks

Monday, 7th September 2015

Vivian Campbell 2013.
Las Vegas, NV April 2013

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed on 3rd September by St. Louis radio and mentioned the new single and album.

Vivian talked about his health and current treatment, the new self titled album and single, his contribution to the band since he joined, the 2016 Hysteria On The High Seas cruise and Last In Line.

Vivian talks about the creative process and says (once again) the new single is due within the next couple of weeks leading up to the start of the last US tour leg on 16th September.

Listen to the full 8 minute interview below.

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Lern/Morning Rock Show - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Def Leppard Album/Single

"Well, we won't play anything new until the single goes to radio and I'm not sure exactly when that's scheduled. I know it's some time this month. In the next couple of weeks. So, no we won't be playing it tomorrow night. But we've been rehearsing the new song. As soon as it features on radio it'll feature in the show."

"And the album is scheduled to be released at the end of October I believe."

"Def Leppard" Album Title/What he brought to the band

"This new record is probably the best record the band has made in the 23 years that I've been part of Def Leppard. But I didn't have an awful lot to do with it. So you know the band is very self contained. Def Leppard is Def Leppard and you know the band has grown up together and learned to work in a certain way that has always been - even after 23 years a very, very difficult adjustment for me. I don't necessarily enjoy the way the band goes through the creative process. It's a very slow and painful process you know."

"I'm much more old school you know. I like to work a little bit faster. So it can be a frustrating process for me you know still even after all these decades. But I fully appreciate that that's how the band works and it's the end result that matters. And the end result for this record is that it's a really great record. So you know mustn't grumble. But yeah I'm a pretty reasonable singer and I brought that to the band and I think that they were pleasantly surprised when I joined 23 years ago that I actually could sing a bit too so. And we do get better you know from tour to tour we all notice that we, unlike athletes, you know musicians you learn from your experience and you nuance your performances and year after year, tour after tour, we do get - you know the band just sounds better and better."

"It's not easy you know. You really have to fight for what you believe in when you're in a band you know. Like if you're pushing a song you have an agenda. It's like politics too. You gotta go to the mat for it you know. It's particularly a strange situation with Leppard because the very successful Leppard records were crafted with Mutt Lange. You know who was a very big part of that process as a writer and as a producer. And in the absence of Mutt you know it's kind of left to just to the band. Ourselves and Ronan McHugh our co-producer/engineer to do it. So you know it can be a bit of a struggle sometimes you know but like I say it's the end result that matters."

New Songs On The 2016 Cruise

"That'll be a bit of fun because the new record will be out by then so we'll be able to feature more than just one song from the new record hopefully."