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New Def Leppard Song Sea Of Love Features A Guest Vocalist

Monday, 28th September 2015

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by The Weeklings and revealed new album song details.

Phil talked about his fitness, his new autobiography, live vocals, the Hysteria tour, Duran Duran, the Slang album, Mutt Lange, Pete Willis, the new song Sea Of Love and the new album.

The new album is released around the world on 30th October.

Phil talked a bit more about the song 'Sea Of Love' and says Delta Deep member Debbi Blackwell-Cook provides guest vocals. She of course already provided guest vocals on Manraze songs 'Take On The World' and 'I Surrender'.

Phil had already spoken aboutthis song with Classic Rock magazine.

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The Weeklings - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Sea Of Love

"Unless . . . like we’ve got this one song on the new album called “Sea of Love” where Debbie Blackwell-Cook — who sings in Delta Deep with me — has a guest appearance doing this really amazing high vocal with Joe. If it works, y’know?"

The New Album

"For the first time ever in our career we don’t have a record company or anyone to please but ourselves. Let’s make a record for us. Initially we went in to just make a single but the ideas started flying and we really felt we had something to say. We didn’t even know we were making an album. It was shocking to us. One song sounds Top 40, another sounds like the Sex Pistols and then another very classic Def Leppard. I think it’s the best thing since Hysteria."

Classic Rock - Phil Collen Interview Quote

Sea Of Love

"I wrote it and originally thought ‘this’ll be a great song for Delta Deep.’ I had this riff for a while, and when we started doing the Def Leppard stuff in February 2014, I just started demoing this song in Joe’s swimming pool – not in the water, but in that room. It had a Lenny Kravitz vibe to it, it was almost rock-soul and even lyrically it reminded me a bit of some Stevie Wonder stuff. I thought the guys were gonna hate it, but I showed it to them anyway. And they really liked it. So I thought ‘OK I guess it’s not going to be a Delta Deep song then!’ And then it took on a different life when Rick Allen started doing his drums – it ended up being a lot jazzier, it was almost a Hendrix-type thing. Joe sang it differently to how I did it, and me, Sav and Vivian got together to our choir-style vocals... It was a joy, it was such a thrill. This whole album’s been one of my favourite Def Leppard recordings – shocking, in a good way!"