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Phil Collen Reveals The Original Title For Def Leppard's Let's Go

Friday, 6th November 2015

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by VH1 and mentioned the new album.

Phil talked about the current 2015 tour, the state of the music industry, his book, re-records, the new 2015 self titled studio album, Steve Clark, the album title, fan opinions and what's next for the band.

Phil reveals the full original title for 'Let's Go'. Vivian had jokingly told a DJ a couple of weeks before its release that it was called Do This Now probably in reference to this original title.

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VH1 - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

The New Album

"Actually, it all came together in the first week at [Def Leppard’s frontman and co-founder] Joe [Elliott]’s house in February 2014. We went in and said, “Okay, what songs should we use a single? We need some new music out there.” And within two days we had twelve songs to choose from. We were really excited. The idea was that some of them were things that had been kicking around for a little while and there were other songs which were just appeared. And what happened there was all of a sudden you get inspired hearing some of these songs come to life. It would inspire you to start writing another one, on the fly, really. It was a muse. It was inspiration begat inspiration. That’s why this album was so much fun to make."

Def Leppard Album Title

"Yeah, there is a meaning to that. It’s the first album we made for us. It wasn’t for a record company executive. It wasn’t any business or corporation, it was the first time we actually took the reigns and said, “I guess we’re making an album!” We’re making it for us and our family. That was a great thing, and that’s why we called it “Def Leppard.”

Let's Go Original Title

"And a great example is the song “Let’s Go” [track one from Def Leppard]. It was called “Do You Really Want to Do This Now?” originally and it was really poppy."