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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Rick Allen FOX 5 News Interview Transcript/Video

Thursday, 19th March 2015

Rick Allen 2015.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was interviewed live by FOX 5 News of Washington D.C. earlier today and the full video/transcript are available.

Rick talked about his artwork and drumming ahead of his two exhibitions in the area on 21st March.

Watch the full video below and read a transcript of the interview.

Rick's art collection titled "Rick Allen: Angels and Icons." is currently on display at various Wentworth Galleries across the USA. He had already visited one in Short Hills, NJ on 6th December 2014.

He will visit galleries close to the Washington D.C. area in both Bethesda, MD and McLean, VA on 21st March. More details shown below and via the links.

Rick's first collection called Electric Hand Rhythm and Change was released in April 2012. This was followed in September 2013 with the "Rock-On-Canvas" collection.

Good Day DC Rick Allen Interview Transcript

"Fantastic. Really good, it's nice to be here."

Joining The Band At 15

"Yeah around my 15th birthday I saw a piece in the local newspaper 'Leppard Loses Skins', went to do the audition and got the job. And then you know by the time I was 16 I was like opening up for AC/DC and all these incredible bands. So very blessed, very blessed."

"I'm not sure I could think that far in advance. But you know looking back what a gift. What a gift for a kid of my age."

Band Longevity

"I think because we're friends and we enjoy each other's company and we keep writing new songs and we love what we do."

Are you doing the whole of Hysteria?

"Yeah we did - we actually did it when we were in Vegas - last year. Which was incredible to do the whole thing from start to finish. I think we'll revisit that. But I think for on the tour we're just gonna keep it you know - try and please as many people as we can and play as many different songs from as many different records as we possibly can."

When did he take up art?

"This was more re-remembering how things were when I was a kid. I always enjoyed using my camera and then it just developed from there. I started working with a company called Scene Four and then more recently I met up with Wentworth. And they said well why don't you start throwing paint on the canvas."

Flags In Artwork/Patriotism?

"Somewhat but it's more just paying homage to you know my life in England. growing up in England. And then finally coming over here. You know I only came over here when I was like you know - Let's say 1980. That was the first time I came over here. So you know what I thought America was like and what the actual experience of being in America was like are two completely different things. But now I live here so you know it's been a pretty colourful life. I've had a very varied sort of experience."

Losing His Arm/Playing Drums Again

"You know what if I can inspire people just by things that I do in my life, what a gift that is. And you know I've just been very fortunate that I was able to find that - the strength of the human spirit and get myself back up. And you know I love doing what I do. I love playing drums and this is just another way to express myself in the same way that I do with my music."

Did he think he wouldn't be able to play again?

"I did in the early days it was really hard. But the support I got from family, the rest of the guys in the band and then thousands and thousands of letters from all over the planet. I'm like you know what I need to keep doing this. Not just for myself but for all the people around me."

2015 US Tour With Styx/Tesla

"That's right. Yeah we've played with both those bands before. Great guys. I'm sure people will love the whole package you know."

So come on out."