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Joe Elliott Pays Tribute To Irish DJ Tony Fenton - Audio

Tuesday, 17th March 2015

Joe Elliott 2010.
Matt Cooper/Joe Elliott 2010

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott paid tribute to Irish DJ Tony Fenton last week following his death.

Tony passed away on Thursday 12th March after a long battle with cancer. Irish radio have been paying tribute to him and U2 performed at his funeral service which took place yesterday.

Joe appeared as a phone guest during a two hour tribute edition of The Last Word on Today FM on Friday 13th March.

You can listen to Joe speaking via the audio link below. Joe's section starts at 17:22 mins in until around 19:25.

Joe is shown above with host Matt Cooper during a 2010 interview when promoting his first Down 'n' Outz beer.

Today FM - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

DJ - "And the great Joe Elliott on the five-a-side from Def Leppard. We may just have Joe with us in a little while - actually Joe is with us on the line."

Playing Five-A-Side Football With Tony

"We did yeah. He used to kick lumps out of me. No respect at all actually. Bless him. Yeah we played a lot of five-a-side. He was big into his football. He was great because the fact that we were kind of in a similar industry. Or an overlapping industry if you like. We had that in common. The football really kind of bonded it. You know and it was one of those things where whenever we got a five-a-side game together it was like is Tony gonna be involved? because he was the kind of guy if he was on your side you were gonna win. And if you were playing against him you were gonna come out bruised."

DJ - And we'll forgive him that he loved Chelsea.

"Ah you know we've all got our crosses to bear. But no he was a lovely guy. It came as such a shock when I heard this morning. I couldn't believe it you know. I mean I knew he'd been ill and you kind of - I suppose you're always prepared for the phone call but you're still not really expecting it. You know and - it's just so - it's just so sad. It really is you know he was such a lovely guy."

"He was very supportive of the band in the early days as well. When I first came to Ireland back in '84 - we were only in for - we were in and out for a couple of months. But when I was here in '87, '88, '89 when the Hysteria album had done really well and I was on TV a lot then. I was doing - I was about to be on things like Number One with Dave Fanning and Gerry Ryan and he'd be on that as well. Then I'd be on shows with him and on his radio show and there was a lot of love there and a lot of mutual respect with it because he was a fan. Of all types of music, which I think is great. But he was very easy to get on with. A lot of - I've met a lot of people in his position that are - they think they're bigger than the song they're playing and he never seemed to come across that way."