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HMV Liverpool Advertise Def Leppard Release For 11th May

Sunday, 28th March 2015

Def Leppard 2015.
HMV Ad 2015

The HMV record store in Liverpool, England is currently advertising a Def Leppard release for 11th May.

As shown in the photo below the release is titled "Def Leppard". A Spanish fan who spotted this on Friday 27th asked the store about it and was told they - "are expecting an album release on that day.".

Of course this doesn't tie in with anything the band members have said in recent interviews.

The two other titles shown are both movies which are due to be released on those days - 'Exodus: Gods And Kings' on 27th April and 'Birdman' on 4th May.

HMV Liverpool Store Sign


This comes a few days after the UK tour poster mentioned a "self-titled" album but also said "later this year" in terms of a release.

Vivian has said in multiple interviews the album will not be released until at least September/October.

HMV no longer list releases online but did post a story about the UK tour. It did not use the tour poster but did include this:

"Both bands are touring in support of brand new studio albums, which are due out later this year. Whitesnake's is to be titled The Purple Album, while Leppard's currently remains untitled. Release dates for either album are yet to be confirmed."

Whitesnake's album was already announced for 18th May a few weeks ago.

Thanks to Daniel.

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