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Vivian Says No Album Before September/Hysteria Cruise Details - Audio

Thursday, 26th March 2015

Def Leppard 2016.

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by BIG 97.5 radio yesterday and talked about the 2016 Hysteria On The High Seas Cruise.

The cruise was announced on 20th March and is set to take place from January 21st to 25th 2016 sailing from Miami, FL.

Vivian talked about his health, 2015 studio album, musical influences, a possible release date, the Canadian tour/setlist, the Hysteria On The High Seas cruise, Last In Line, DIO, longevity in music and the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Listen to the full 16 minute interview below.

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BIG 97.5 - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

2015 Studio Album

"The long overdue follow up yeah. We're very embarrassed about that, that it's taken us so long to get a new record out. But it's a great, great record. I gotta say in my 23 years with Def Leppard, being the new guy, this is the best record we've made in that time. It's a very diverse record. It's really, really strong though in every genre that we touched upon. Including obviously the basic rock genre which was the first part we did. We set up live in the studio to try and capture some of the band's live dynamics because we are a very strong live band and we didn't want to distil that too much by our normal recording process which is one guy at a time."

"So we set up and live and cut the basic tracks last February in Dublin on the first session and that really kind of set the tone for the record. It came out very good, very quick, very easy, very seamless and that kind of inspired us you know. So then we went on and started exploring different styles for the record. So like I say it's a diverse record but it's all really strong and we're super proud of it."

Release Date?

"Not specifically but it will be the later part of the year. It certainly wouldn't be before September/October. I would guess you know. We wouldn't be playing anything new until the track goes to radio also you know we'll work it up in rehearsal as we start the tour. But as soon as it starts getting played on the radio we'll be featuring in the live show but we don't exactly when that is at the moment."

2016 VIVA! Pyromania Quote

"We're gonna be doing that again some time in 2016. We're gonna go back to Vegas and do VIVA! Pyromania this time."

Hysteria Cruise / Ded Flatbird

"That'll be a similar kind of thing to Vegas because it's different for us. It would be a reason and an excuse for us to break from the norm. Obviously it's gonna be our more devoted fans who are gonna go to that. You know their not gonna be casual Def Leppard fans. So we have yet to determine exactly what we're gonna do on that. But I think I wouldn't be surprised if you see Ded Flatbird make a re-appearance in their sailor outfits. So it'll be interesting."

"We're actually still working on what the agenda will be for that. You know whether we bring other acts with us or whether we use it as an excuse to feature maybe some of our side projects. You know like Joe has a band called Down 'n' Outz that have done a couple of albums. Phil has a band called Manraze who've done a couple of albums. I reformed the original DIO band of which I was a part of and we have a new album coming out under the name of Last In Line from the second DIO album. So you know maybe we'll do something where we'll feature the side projects as well which would I think probably be something that the hardcore Def Leppard fans would be interested in."