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Joe Elliott Says There's Some Good Stuff On New Studio Album

Tuesday, 23rd June 2015

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by The Vinyl District website about the new 2015 studio album.

Joe talked about the 2015 world tour, 2013 VIVA! Hysteria residency, playing old songs/setlists, not liking vinyl records, the success of Pyromania/Hysteria/Mutt Lange the future of the band and the 2015 studio album.

He talks about the new album at the end and comments on future plans which include the 2016 US tour (already hinted at by Phil/Vivian) and a second residency.

Interestingly Joe also says he thought five years ago that the band would probably be over by now in terms of touring. A reference to the cancellation of the final leg of the 2009 tour when he wanted to spend more time at home following five straight years of touring.

The album "will" be called Def Leppard according to a recent interview with Phil.

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The Vinyl District - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

2015 Studio Album

"We have a new album in the can, and itís coming out in October, I believe. Again, that might change, but as I speak to you right now, itís coming out in October. The industry being what it is, things change so fast that anything could happen. It might be November, it might be August, I donít know, but letís just say October."

"I really believe the record's a good album. It was a very natural record to make, and we had a lot of fun doing it, which makes a change. Normally, we're pulling teeth making records. It just had a natural energy to it, which was fun. Everybody came to the table with some top quality stuff. Again, a great band instinct's to be able to do that. It's not always one person writing, it's everybody throwing ideas in. Some songs we all wrote, some songs we all contributed their style of writing, and they were sort of "Leppardized" by the team once they got their teeth into it. There's some good stuff."

Future Plans/Touring

"We'll be breaking it in in a worldwide way, in Japan and Australia and the U.K., and then we have to kind of play catch up and get the rest of the world with it next year. So, for the immediate two or three years, it looks like we're going to be pretty busy. If everyone's health stays pretty good, and all the stars are in alignment."

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